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Any tips on how to get rid of migraines fast?

Updated on February 17, 2009

I used to get horrible migraines.  Usually on the weekends after a hard work week.   One night I was literally biting my own hand trying to get some relief from the excruciating sharp pain in my head!   It's a long story, but I ended up with high blood pressure and the doc put me on meds for that and the migraines went away with them. 

I know that this will make some folks roll their eyes but that night I remembered my Grandmother always quoting a passage in the Bible about ask for anything in Jesus name and He would grant it.  I was desperate so I did - and that night was the last migraine I ever had.   I thought the blood pressure medicine was the answer, but several years later a doctor told me that Lotrel, the med I was on was not one given to migraine sufferers and sometimes made the headaches worse! 

Also, I do get a mild one occasionally and take Zomig.   It's a prescrption and works very fast.  The instant you think you're getting a migraine, take a Zomig and within about twenty minutes it will be gone.

Excedrin Migraine also works if you take it right away.  Also, aspirin and a coke (the sugar and the caffeine do the trick) but can really mess up your stomach.

I really sympathize with anyone who's ever had a migraine and hope at least one of these suggestions helps.


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    • dana825 profile image

      dana825 8 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks... yeah the biggest problem I have is that I also have gastritis and ulcers which means I have to do very little to upset my stomach. I can only take painkillers that have aspirin in them because those other ones like ibuprofin screw with your stomach and i can't imagine what excedrin and a coke would do to my stomach.

      But thanks for the response!