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Apple Cider Vinegar: A Powerful Antibiotic, Detoxifier, Antiseptic, Cleansing and Healing Tonic for All

Updated on November 10, 2008

10 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar Outside of the Kitchen

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has been used by men and women outside of the kitchen for thousands of years, and those applications still exist today. Raw ACV is preferred to any distilled, pasteurized or refined vinegar for flavor, acidity and healing power. The following outlines common uses for this organic, multi-purpose, effective and environmentally safe and sustainable product.

  • Attacks Mucous, Sore Throats and Laryngitis

Treat excess mucous, sore throat and laryngitis by gargling with a mixture of 6-8 oz warm water and 1-2 tsp of ACV every 2 hours. Drink plenty of water, and don't swallow what comes up; it's meant to leave your body.

  • Sanitary and Effective Household Cleaner and Deodorizer

Mix ACV and water in a spray bottle at a ratio of 2:5. Mist onto surfaces and allow activation for 3-5 minutes before wiping clean. Add ½ - 1 cup to toilet bowl and let soak for at least 30 minutes before scrubbing and flushing. Safe for septic systems.

  • Treats cold sores, shingles and chickenpox

Swab 100% ACV onto surface area of cold sore lesions, being careful not to rub. Use a new swab for each site. Treat shingles and chickenpox by sweeping an ACV and water-soaked cotton ball to affected areas. Soaking in a warm bathtub or sitz bath with

¼ - 2 cups ACV is a relaxing and effective way to treat symptoms.

  • Relieves itching caused by poison oak and poison ivy

Treat affected areas with a spray solution of ACV and water in a ratio of 1:5, allow to air dry completely or use a hairdryer at the lowest, coolest setting. Apply up to 8 times daily.

  • Treats minor cuts, abrasions and sunburns

Treat cuts and abrasions with a cotton ball soaked in ACV water solution in a ratio of 1:5. Treat sunburns with 1:10 ratio soak, spray or drenched cotton ball.

  • Helps Oily Skin and Acne on Face, Chest and back

Facial steam bath, pore cleanser, skin toner. Add 2 TB to a basin of hot water, place towel over head and lean over bowl for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. To treat acne on back and chest, soak in warm bath with 1-2 cups ACV. Treats blemishes, deodorizes and softens skin all over. To remove deposits of product, pollution and other irritants that can dull the hair, add 1TB to your shampoo application, apply, and leave on the hair for 5-10 minutes before scrubbing, rinsing and repeating. Your hair will be noticeably more shiny and manageable.

  • Treats and prevents yeast and fungus infections such as thrush, diaper rash, jock itch, eczema, athlete's foot

Soak, Spray or dab on to treat of ACV and water in a ratio of 1:5, allow to air dry completely or use a hairdryer at the lowest, coolest setting. Apply 1-5 times daily.

  • Aids Digestion

Sip tonic of ½ tsp ACV to 8 oz water 30 minutes prior to mealtime to stimulate saliva and enzyme production. Optional: add ½ tsp honey or agave nectar for a sweeter fruit flavor.

  • Softens Corns, Calluses and Rough Spots

Soak gauze or cloth in 100% ACV and apply to affected area for 30 minutes - 1 hour. Remove the cloth, scrub problem area well, rinse, and then re-apply new application to remain on during sleep. Skin will be noticeably softer in the morning.

  • Treats Stain and Spots

Give some of these suggestions a try to you will soon understand why ACV has a cult following among men and women alike.

ACV can easily be made at home with only a couple of ingredients (fresh apple cider and special yeast (or ‘mother'). Add herbs in decorative or simple bottles for gift-giving or simply share your bounty with friends and family. Think of all of the consumer product packaging that will be eliminated when you introduce your successes with ACV. Talk about sustainability!

DIY or Off The Shelf?

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