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Get Swimsuit Body With Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Updated on May 7, 2014

Magical apple cider vinegar

When my friend called, she was already in panic mode. Her teenage daughter was throwing a fit. She had a prom coming up in three weeks, and didn't want to go for it. She thought she was fat. She tried many dresses, and didn't get a flattering feedback from the mirror. Irritated, she had a fight with my friend.

Such low self-image is common among teenagers. In fact, most of us believe we are overweight. But there's no need to panic. With a balanced diet, and a bit of commitment toward exercise, it is possible to look great for a prom or in a swimwear on the beach.

The magical tonic to help us in weight loss is apple cider vinegar.

This is not a new-age fad. Apple cider vinegar is being used for centuries for a range of purposes including weight loss, hair growth and beautiful skin.

In this article, we will look at how to use apple cider vinegar as a drink, in a salad to help us burn fat, and complement it with regular exercises to get in shape for wearing bathing suit.

Weight Loss Diet With Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Drink well

Dr Oz's diet plan recommends apple cider vinegar as a drink for weight loss and for swimsuit body.

Let's look at Dr. Oz’s secret swimsuit slimdown drink – grapefruit juice and apple cider vinegar.

Take 2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and mix it with a cup of grapefruit juice, stir well and drink. Make sure you shake the apple cider vinegar bottle well before drawing from it. This will help in mixing the "mother" of vinegar well in the bottle.

Grapefruit juice has its benefits - it provides ample quantity of vitamin C. It helps in increasing your metabolism rate. As such, if you are exercising to lose weight, then this drink of ACV and grapefruit will provide further boost to your weight loss diet.

Vitamin C is good for our metabolism. According to Dr Oz, a study revealed that people with proper vitamin C in their body burn 30% more fat than those low on the vitamin.

I personally don't like grapefruit juice. I find the taste too bitter for my liking. I replace grapefruit juice with orange juice.

But if you find the taste bitter, you can add 1 teaspoon of organic honey in it. It only adds 20 calories and provides further health benefits.

It will take some time to get used to the taste.

When to drink apple cider vinegar with grapefruit?

Ideally on an empty stomach, so you should drink it before meals.

Apple cider vinegar also creates a feeling of fullness, so it will help you automatically control the amount of food you eat, and assist in weight loss.

Apple cider vinegar salad with lunch

Raw vegetables offer a weight loss diet that's most nutritious and least calorie-heavy.

Choose the salad veggies of your choice and wash them thorough.

Salad washing tip: In a bowl of water, put 3 - 4 tablespoons of white vinegar (NOT apple cider vinegar), and wash veggies in that water. This helps in removing the layer of harmful pesticides from your veggies. You don't need to do this if you grow your own veggies or buy organic.

In addition to your favorite salad greens, good veggies to include in your salad are parsley, dandelion, and watermelon, says Dr Oz.

Dandelion helps in burning fats by boosting bile flow in our body. Being diuretic, dandelion helps in removing excess water from his body. Watermelon contains amino acid arginine which is reportedly good for weight loss.

Parsley also helps in removing excess water from the body, in addition to improving the flavour of your salad.

Now here's the best part. Don't add anything fattening to your salad. Take one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, mix it with olive oil (one teaspoon) and put it in the salad. Feel free to add a bit of pepper. Keep salt to the minimum. Stir well. This salad is further boost your weight loss efforts. For further boost, add a handful of sliced almonds. Almonds are know to remove bad cholesterol (LDL) from the body, and aid in the production of good cholesterol (HDL).

Storing your cider vinegar salad

You may want to make the salad for the whole week if you have a busy schedule.

Take a masor jar or any other water-tight jar. Put the heavy stuff first at the bottom - nuts and almonds. Then add middle stuff which could be tomatoes, capsicum. Then put your light, leafy vegetables on the top, and secure the lid tightly. Store it in the fridge. When you are leaving for work, take the jar out and add the dressing, and shake the bottle well. Your salad is ready to go.

You can make salad for the entire week and store it in the fridge this way. No more excuses of lack of time for a healthy diet.

Get beautiful skin with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known to improve the skin tone too. Simply put half a cup of apple cider vinegar in your bathtub, and soak yourself for a few minutes. Cider vinegar helps in relaxing muscles, and opening the pores in the skin to remove toxins locked in.

For acne, pimples and other skin ailments, you can apple cider vinegar toner on skin. Read this article to find out how to get better skin with apple cider vinegar.

'Look thin' cream

As a quick fix, use aminophylline to look thinner, suggests Dr Oz.

As a dehydrate, aminophylline is made up of the bronchodilator theophylline and ethylenediamine in 2:1 ratio.

Aminophylline cream is designed to shrinking fat cells, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It also makes the skin look smoother and promotes internal burning of fat. The skin will feel tighter. Most creams may not smell that great, but that's little price to pay to look slim.

This is a temporary remedy to get in the swimsuit for the season. There are many creams available in the market.

Stomach crunches

Find some good exercises for stomach. if you burn fat from the belly area, your stance will automatically improve and you will 'look' thinner and even taller.

Don't get too nervous about stomach crunches. You don't need to do too many crunches. The critical aspect is to do as many as possible in a short burst of activity.

The best part of stomach crunches is that they can be done in a smaller span of time.

To get best results for a flat stomach, do about 45 minutes of aerobics exercise BEFORE doing your stomach crunches. This will speed up your weight loss.

How stomach crunches help to get flat stomach

When you do fast stomach crunches, and don't rest in between two sets, it helps to warm up stomach muscles. This sends a signal to the brain that there's major activity happening in that area, and prompts body to send more oxygen to the stomach area. This added oxygen supply helps in burning fat from the belly.

© 2014 Alana Niall


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      Alana Niall 3 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Thank you for the positive feedback. Good luck!

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      Erin Nichols 3 years ago from Montana

      This is a very informative article! I have nwver heard about the cream, but as summer approaches I may be picking some up. Thank you for the excellent, wrll writtwn information! Voted up!