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Apple cider vinegar miracle cures

Updated on April 26, 2010

What it can do for you


An apple a day takes the doctor away"

This famous saying we are all familiar with, comes very close to truth when it comes to adding a bottle of apple cider vinegar to your medicine cabinet.

Even though you will not be munching on a crunchy and sweet Red Delicious but rather drinking a sour, acetic acid vinaigrette, the benefits will greatly outweigh the bitter frown you will make when you first give it a try.

Apple cider vinegar has been around for centuries and has been accounted for healing many minor to major health ailments. More and more people are ready to provide testimony on its effectiveness.

I have witnessed this myself, as I was looking for a solution for a terrible sinus infection that was lingering without pity following a severe cold. My doctor prescribed antibiotics which I was reluctant to take, so I decided to take a look at my grandmas' old dusty herbal notebook with home remedies she had collected for many years.

Her notes cited that apple cider vinegar would cure sinus infections and headaches. The dosage was 2 Tablespoons into an 8 ounce cup of water. Honey was to be added to provide a better taste.

I must admit the taste was not that great but it could definitely compete and win if compared to some real nasty tasting syrups I have swallowed in my childhood.

I took several sips throughout the day and to my amazement the following day I was able to bend down without feeling the 100 pound sinus pressure anymore!

I continued the treatment for a week to prevent any possible relapses. I ended up tossing the antibiotics and many people told me I looked much better as my skin was really glowing!

Apple cider vinegar has been reported to have many potent anti-oxidants and detoxifiers which cleans the body and provide a great feeling of vitality. This Potassium rich juice of the earth promotes cell and tissue growth, thus helps fights infections and keep them at bay.

The acidic content of the vinegar is able to destroy bacteria, fungi and even viruses and help healthy cells flourish. People have reported to have lost weight, healed from devastating migraines, acid reflux, allergies, sinus infections, fevers, and even depression. Reality is that there are too many benefits of apple cider vinegar consumption to be able to list them all.

The best apple cider vinegar to buy is one that is preferably organic and containing what is called "The mother", a rich sediment that lays at the bottom of the bottle. Cheap supermarket vinegars may not be effective as a good one bought at a health food store.

There are though a couple of guidelines to keep in mind when starting an apple cider vinegar regimen.

-First of all, it must be considered that the vinegar is very acidic therefore, it can easily destroy tooth enamel. It is recommended that you add 1/4 tsp of baking soda to lower the acidic level and only after this brush your teeth.

-Highly acidic apple cider vinegar may cause heart burn. Start off with a mild acidic content of about 5%.

-Apple cider vinegar may lower your iodine levels over time. If you plan to take it for a while plan to integrate with kelp or a good iodine supplement.

As stated there are lots and lots of benefits that come along with apple cider vinegar that will make you wonder why it is not advertised more and recommended by doctors.

Perhaps the answer is all in the saying: "An apple a day takes the doctor away"?


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