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Are Avocados good for joint pain?

Updated on April 3, 2019
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I am writing this article to share the information for my family and friends. If you like this article, please enjoy sharing too.

Avocado for joint pain?

Avocado benefit News from Japan

I heard that the Japanese TV program had a special program about Avocados are effective to reduce joint pains. Since I had pretty bad joint pains on my right side of leg, I tried eating Avocados for a few weeks.

What kind of joint pain? .

Before I start talking about the result of the Avocado miracle, I will explain what kinds of paid I had.

It started the day in early spring, when we went to golf course to view the local tournament. It was freezing cold weather and we bundled up with jackets and blankets. I was driving the golf cart and we managed to complete the 9th holes tournament with the interruption of 2 hour wait for the rain to be clear. We were in the cold weather about 4 hours.

Next day, I start having severe pain on my right side of leg joints while I sleep and it took a few days to get better. I was thinking it was just cold weather caused all the pain and tried to warm the joints after that. The fall in the same year, I start having pains continuously. I checked with my doctor and took some tests and she said I might have a small signed of osteoarthritis, but it should not make so much pain.

I had a big question why it hurts, but the doctor said it should not….Oh well, all the test I took the result was normal. Let's just start being positive and look into natural way to result the issue. Food and Exercise. But what to eat and what to do?

Avocado News on TV in Japan

When I talked about my joint pain, my father gave me an advice to eat Avocados for the pain. He had just watched the TV show about Avocados will help reduce join pains and people who eats Avocados do not have joint pain issue so much.

I start eating avocados everyday about Half to 1 per a day. Believe or not my pain went away after 2 weeks.

It worked for me! I was very happy and it was like a miracle to me.

But wait! Too much Avocado might not be good!

And I kept eating as a happy camper and one day, I start having heart burns. 1st thing that came up to my mind was eating too much of Avocados. So I stop eating Avocados for a week and the heartburn went away.

So my suggestion is YES Avocados are good for joint pain, but NOT to eat too much because it might cause other pain.

At the end, the well balance food is the key for the healthy life.

According to google search, “Avocados are high in anti-inflammatory monounsaturated fat and they have a good source of vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory effect. “

But also has high calories and fat.

How much you should eat is depend on your condition.

So please eat Avocado wisely and manage your joint pain and your total health.

Avocado Care

If you like to keep Avocado fresh, cut vertically rather than horizontally. The fiber goes vertically and less air to touch the cut fiber surface is less % to get brown quick. Also use plastic wrap to air seal the surface.

There are some products they are already paste and in the plastic tube. I found one at the Traderjoe and it is very convenient.

Please share any information about Avocado and Health if you have, I would like to add more on this blog page.

Thank you!

Avocado care

Wrap air seal when you keep in the fridge.
Wrap air seal when you keep in the fridge.
Traderjoe Avocado Paste
Traderjoe Avocado Paste

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