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Are Lose Weight Quickly Diets a Hoax?

Updated on January 17, 2010

Not all diets are a hoax, but most lose weight quickly ones are. Beware.

Watch out for weight loss programs and procedures that make statements such as “loose 20 pound in one week” or similar claims. These are highly unrealistic.

Sure, some of these diets may actually help. You may lose the weight but you also may gain it back quickly as well. The reason why is loose weight quickly diets are not meant for the long term. Furthermore those who attempt to adhere to one of these diets long term will incur health problems. This is because proper nutrition and exercise cannot replace the desire to lose weight.

Losing weight is best done gradually. If you have questions about proper weight loss methods you should contact a doctor or dietician. Loose Weight quickly plans can include one or more of the following:

3-Day Diets: Many of the three day diets advertised, such as the 3-day Cleveland diet are supposed to help you loose weight quickly. However, those who adhere to this diet are likely to gain it back, especially if they are not disciplined to keep the weight off. They may have effect temporarily, but are not meant for long-term weight loss success.

Fat Burning Pills: The only true way to burn fat is through at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise a day. Some exercise plans can be administered even every other day. The secret to losing weight is to burn more fat than you take in on a daily basis. Fat burning pills have been known to have little effect on a person in most cases. They cannot replace exercise.

Juice diets and fasts: These can have short-term positive e effects in some cases to flush out your system. However, these were not diets that are meant to be a way of life. These will not help you keep your weight off long term.

Energy bars, shakes, and drinks: You can replace a meal with one of these and are likely to lose weight. However, the nutrition in these shakes does not take the place of the nutrition that comes from real food. A person cannot live on these morning, noon, and night.


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