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Are Michele and Marcus Bachmann homosexual?

Updated on July 9, 2011

Marcus and Michele Bachmann campaigning

Campaigning for the 2012 GOP nomination
Campaigning for the 2012 GOP nomination

Are Michele and Marcus Bachmann gay?

There is the perennial question, especially about Michele's husband: Is Marcus Bachmann gay? Various people, groups and organizations both in the USA and abroad (especially in Europe, but a few in the Middle East) have weighed in on the issue, including the video at that comes with the label “no comment”. The strangest video, which captures Mr. Bachman using his thumb and forefinger as a gun that he aims at his imaginary foes (homosexuals) is quite clear. His apparent hatred of homosexuals belies an underlying current of fear (homophobia, which is a mental disease) that has pushed him into issuing numerous outlandish statements. These comments including "disciplining" homosexuals (sadism/masochism enjoined by both Martin Luther and his spiritual descendant Adolf Hitler), "correcting" [through prayer, deprivation of sleep, and other ways of "curing"--but not to the extent of Colin Cook or other Pentecostals) LGBT people. These are but thumbnails to his numerous statements expressing anger and hostility towards homosexuals. This is an identical an anger that is riddled with promised future violence that that has not been seen until recent years in the hate-mongering "prayers" of the Junkyard Prophet Heavy Metal drummer Bradlee Dean's "prayers". Bradlee Dean, who has his own hate-filled radio program and endorses the Bachmanns, calls for USA homosexuals to be executed. This matches the menacing machinations of "Rev" Scott Lively and other homophobic evangelicals who have regularly visited and demanded that the governments of Nigeria and Uganda and other rabid Third World nations to "execute the gays" and call upon citizens to expose anyone who is even privately considered gay ( This has even become the battle cry of evangelicals who have slain a four-year old boy suspected of being gay in the USA.

One can tract the words of the Bachmann's back to the roars of Adolf Hitler and his spiritual forefather Martin Luther who wrote volumes (see no. 39 of Luther's Werks) on how and why the nobility have a spiritual obligation to burn down synagogues, round up Jews as slaves and slay them, afterwhich they are to burn the Jews bodies in ovens (just substitute "gay" or "homosexual" and you have the Bachmann message that is now also articulated by the hate-filled former coach and leader of the FAMiLY in Iowa: Robert Vander Plaats.

Medical evidence and observation of the Bachmanns in public strongly indicates mental malaise. Read: Both show an obsessive compulsive mental disorder, read: This is enchained by rabid xenophobia that is now a diagnosable and treatable mental illness ( that the American Psychological Association judges as a mental disorder: In this, the American Psychiatric Association’s report on xenophobia is also classified as a mental disorder:

Michele Bachmann’s mental illness is far more acute than that of her husband as seen in her rants on the floor of the US Congress House of Representatives--a mere carryover from her days in the Minnesota legislature. Evidence for it can be obtained (through the Freedom of mation Act) from the Minnesota police report she made when she hallucinated that she was being “held captive” by two women whom she believed were lesbians. While her words are written down carefully and plainly by the official interviewer, the reporter also visited the two women (one a nun) and the evidence and estimony in the investigation showed that there was no kidnapping or involuntary captivity.

Michele’s distortion of what happened is a classic case of self-repression and self-hatred, which has been the subject of more than 1000 papers in scholarly psychological and psychiatric journals, as can be seen here: Those equally starved to wrack vengenance in "the name of the Lord" follow her, and Michele has spoken publicly to registered hate groups both in person and on television. A strong Lutheran of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) follows the stand of the Lutheran pastors in the Third Reich who applauded the burning of synagogues, and the slaughter of Jews and homosexuals. As I have written elsewhere, Michele lifts entire paragraphs from the writing of Luther (she was a Lutheran as a small girl in my hometown of Waterloo, Iowa) as well as the public speeches of Adolf Hitler, many which can be found on line, or, thanks to the Lutheran Fortress Press, translated into English for those uncomfortable reading the original German.

As Erik Erikson of Yale University noted in his book Young Man Luther, Luther suffered from many troubling incidents in his life (including his near death experience in the forest; his mother Maurgaritha flogging him as a child until the blood ran down his back--an experience I had when I was a child when my good Lutheran father Herbert Frederick Ide would flog me his belt if I tracked snow into the basement in Cedar Falls, IA--but father bought his salvation when he left, in 2004, $1 million to a private parochial Lutheran school for 34 students who were to be future Lutheran leaders of the USA like Michele Bachmann). This shapped Luther's attitude on life, love, and god/theology (in Luther's Small Catechism the one-time Augustinian monk would define any commandment or injuction with the words: "We should FEAR and love" but fear was always first). Luther, himself, admitted that he did not love god but fear the deity and would use fear to control others. To this end, determined to control the minds of "good Germans" in his various tracts including his "Address to the German Nobility" and "On the Jews and their Lies", etc.

The Bachmanns are the ultimate typlification of these rantings: demanding an end to gay rights, pornography in any form, abolition of divorce, and so forth. In their (actually Michele's) campaign for the presidency, with Marcus being the "strategist" (in following St. Paul's injunctions that a wife defer to her husband), Michele repeats WELS dicta, and human and civil rights are removed as she demands that the USA "return" [sic] to being a theocracy, that John Quincy Adams fought for as one of the "founding fathers" (when in fact he was only age 8).


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    • profile image

      Sharon Treinen 6 years ago

      Excessive and overt demonstrations of religious convictions frighten me when it is mixed with politics. It appears to be possibly covering up a deeper problem in this case. I can pick up "fear" in her rantings--the last thing we need when we are trying to unite people.