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Are Natural Cures Possible?

Updated on August 10, 2017

Our modern way of life means that there is less oxygen entering our bodies. In fact the World Health Organization reports that over two million deaths occur a year around the world that can probably be blamed on bad air.

Pollution comes in the form of carbon monoxide which lowers the ability for our blood to carry oxygen in our bodies. And the result of all this pollution is our health suffers. Our water is not only polluted too but there is chlorine and other chemicals in the water we drink.

We also eat too many processed foods which mean we are ingesting foods with little oxygen. This food is dead and lifeless unlike food that has been packaged by nature. Along with a lack of vitamins and minerals we are also depriving ourselves of the very life force we need; oxygen.

Taking medications like antibiotics may also contribute to the amount of beneficial oxygen we receive. Did you know that cancer cells thrive in low oxygen environments? There is scientific proof that the treatment of certain cancers and tumors can be greatly enhanced if they increase the concentration of oxygen around the cancer.

Disease Knows no Boundaries

Disease doesn't discriminate and it isn't bigoted. Cancer, for instance, strikes anyone of any age, and of any race or social background. Cancer will find you whether you lead a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle; whether you're physically fit or out of shape; whether you exercise regularly or are a couch potato; whether you're rich or poor, male or female; whether you're a vegetarian, pescetarian or meat lover; and whether you're an adult, adolescent or child.

Did you know that one out of every three adults in America already has cancer? But most of them don't know it yet because the cancer is undiagnosed and undetected. According to the American Cancer Society, there's a 41% probability that an individual, male or female, will develop cancer in his or her lifetime (or die from it). Additionally, every human being has cancer cells existing in the body which are just seeking a low-oxygen environment where they can multiply into the full-blown disease.

What if you could reduce your chance of getting cancer from 41% to zero? What if you completely removed all probability that you'll ever get ANY disease, for that matter? And what if you had a way of curing any disease that you might already have?

But you can't do it simply by eating a healthy diet, or even by becoming a vegetarian. Linda McCartney, the late wife of Paul McCartney was a life-long vegetarian, who not only campaigned for vegetarianism, but also wrote a book on vegetarian cooking and produced a line of frozen vegetarian meals. Yet, despite her healthy eating, she died of breast cancer at the age of 56. That's 20 years ahead of the average life expectancy of American women.

And you can't become immune from disease simply by exercising or becoming physically fit. Some of the greatest athletes of our time, including 7-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, Olympic ice skating champions Scott Hamilton and Peggy Fleming, and basketball star Magic Johnson, have all been victims of cancer or HIV.

And no, neither can you prevent or cure disease by popping a variety of nutrients, super nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals either.

The absolute best way to eradicate disease from your life is by supplying the cells and tissues of your body with its most essential element - and that's oxygen.

Even though your body may need an array of different elements and nutrients such as CoQ10, magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids and the like, only oxygen is in such critical demand that an insufficient supply makes the body develop diseases and it absence causes the body to die within minutes.

The important key to remember is that sufficient amounts of oxygen need to be supplied at the cellular level. Unless oxygen is delivered to the cells and tissues of the body, it cannot do a good job at creating an environment in the body that is uninhabitable by disease.

Your healthy cells are aerobic, which means that they not only thrive but become rejuvenated and revitalized in the presence of oxygen, thereby promoting vibrant health.

Reducing Stress for Better Health

Many of us suffer from stress. It's the root cause of numerous health challenges we experience. Finding ways to reduce stress is essential to improve our health and quality of life.

Symptoms of stress that we commonly experience include poor sleep, sugar and starch cravings, caffeine dependence, poor concentration, low energy and difficulty increasing our fitness level even when we exercise.

Fortunately, simple dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce the symptoms of stress can easily be incorporated into a long-term health plan. We can begin by modifying our diet.

Follow a Whole Food Diet
It's important to eat five to ten fruits and vegetables a day. We derive a vast array of antioxidants and phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables that we can't get from any other food source. These antioxidants help fight free radicals that can contribute to the formation of cancer and disease. Consume fruits and vegetables raw or juiced.

Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods
Studies show that diet plays a role in maintaining normal cellular activities that can reduce chronic inflammation associated with arthritis and cancer. Eating the right types of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates can reduce inflammation.

Plant sourced omega-3 essential fatty acids are found in walnuts, whole flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, hemp and chlorella. Other healthy choices include olive oil, grapeseed oil and walnut oil.

Choose nuts, hemp, chlorella and legumes such as yellow peas and seeds. Eliminate red meat intake as it may trigger inflammation.

These should come from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, cereals, hemp, flax, brown rice and maca. Choose 100 percent whole grain products. They're a good source of fibre and will help reduce inflammation.

Create a More Alkaline Environment
When we consume acidic forming foods, toxins are produced in the body. Toxins lead to premature aging through cell degeneration. Highly refined and processed foods produce toxins that have a negative impact on the body's pH balance.

Choose raw, unprocessed, whole foods that are rich in chlorophyll to create a more alkaline environment. Chlorella contains almost 70 percent protein yet is highly alkalizing so it is a great protein-rich pH booster. Leafy green vegetables, lentils, beans and seeds are excellent sources of alkalizing protein.

Get Active
Exercise promotes vitality and youthful energy. Incorporate some exercise into your busy day. Cycle to work, walk on your lunch break, take the stairs, contract your stomach muscles while sitting at your desk. A great way to relieve stress is to incorporate some form of physical activity in your day.

Simple diet and lifestyle changes can reduce stress and improve your overall health picture.

Natural Flu Treatment

In the 1918 flu epidemic almost twenty million people died. Doctors using drugs to battle the epidemic saw around 33% of their patients die from the flu, whereas natural hospitals such as one run by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg were having a 100% recovery rate.

Dr. Kellogg shared his influenza protocols in an article in 1918. The following information is taken from that article.

First, the patients were doing water enemas twice a day to clean their bowels. They’d use two or three pints of warm water and would cleanse their colon thoroughly, until all of the filth was removed. The enemas started at the beginning of the disease and continued until complete recovery.

Second, the patients were drinking three or four quarts of water or fruit juice each day to promote elimination through the kidneys and skin. A glass was taken each half hour, when awake. Fiber, such as bran, was mixed into foods including oatmeal and rice to promote bowel movements and the elimination of the problem.

Short hot baths and hot blanket packs were used to ease fevers and help with pain in the back and legs. A hot blanket pack entailed wrapping a person in a “hot as they could stand,” wrung-out wet blanket for twelve to fifteen minutes. A wool blanket covered the outside of the wet blanket, and heads and faces were kept cool. If the pulse was rapid, an ice pack was held over the heart. For very high fevers, the hot blanket packs were used only for four or five minutes.

Cold compresses were used for headaches. For high fevers, a cold compress was used immediately after a short hot blanket pack to bring down the fever.

In 1918 there weren’t the sugary, chemical laden or processed foods that are available today. It is be a good idea to avoid these types of foods but more important during a time of sickness to allow the body to heal. Patients were also kept in bed for several days after the fever was gone.

Books on Health & Wellness

Remove these Food Additives from your Diet

Consider looking at the food labels when you are shopping to avoid the following twelve food additives that have been linked to various diseases:

  1. Sodium nitrite
  2. BHA & BHT
  3. Propyl gallate
  4. Monosodium glutamate
  5. Trans fats
  6. Aspartame
  7. Acesulfame-K
  8. Food colorings (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow)
  9. Olestra
  10. Potassium bromate
  11. White sugar
  12. Sodium chloride (salt)

Sodium nitrite is a preservative found in bacon, ham, hot dogs, sandwich meats and smoked fish. BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) are also preservatives and are found in food like cereal, gum, potato chips and vegetable oils. Propyl gallate can be found in meats, chicken soup base and gum. These preservatives have been linked to cancer.

Monosodium glutamate which is found in most processed foods, can cause migraines and other health problems. Although trans fats have been removed from most foods, studies have shown that this kind of fat can cause heart disease, strokes and kidney diseases.

NutraSweet and Equal, products that contain aspartame an artificial sweetener found in diet soft drinks and other diet food products. A new sweetener used in diet soft drinks and some baked goods is acesulfame-K.

Although most food colorings have been banned by the FDA, some can still be found in our foods. Food colors have been found to cause cancer. Olestra, a fat that prevents fat from being absorbed in your digestive system was common for awhile in low-fat potato chips. The problem with Olestra is that it can block vitamins from being processed by our bodies.

Potassium bromate is banned in some countries from use in food products, while many others do not and can be found in white flour, breads and rolls to increase their volume. It has also been found to cause cancer. Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, Sri Lanka, China, Nigeria, Brazil and Peru have banned the use of this additive while the United States has not.

White sugar and salt can be dangerous when eaten to excess and besides they have no nutritional value.

Just because you are choosing vegetarian foods doesn’t mean they are additive free. Check the label to see if any vegetarian processed foods contain these additives.

You can avoid these additives in your food is by reducing or cutting out processed foods in your diet. It is always best to eat food in their original state and choose organic if you can. Eating a diet that is full of food that is “alive” is the best way to get nutrients your body needs with out the added toxins. Preparing your food yourself, and not relying on processed foods, is the best way to maintain good health.

Health News June 29, 2009

Raising Money for the Cure

It seems that no part of our society is immune from cancer and even Hollywood celebrities have had to deal with this disease. There seems to be a growing number of celebs who have been affected including Patrick Swayze, Christina Applegate, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Farrah Fawcett, Ted Kennedy, Kylie Minogue, Rudy Giuliani and Lance Armstrong to name a few.

A number of celebrities have also lost there loves ones and include Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Rose O’Donnell who all lost their mothers to cancer. Paul McCarntey lost is first wife Linda to breast cancer and Katie Couric lost her husband to colon cancer.

Statistics tell us that cancer has become a much bigger threat and has caused more deaths than all the wars in the world combined. In the US, every 60 seconds, someone dies from cancer and that is like losing as many people who died on 9/11 every two days!

Every three minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer. Many celebrities have come together to raise money for research and to put an end to cancer but there is a problem.

The funds unfortunately go towards cancer research that does not cure cancer. In the 95 years that health organizations like the American Cancer Society have been dedicated to eliminating cancer, there has been very litte progress made in the curing of this disease. Instead, the incidence of cancer has grown exponentially over the last hundred years.

A single cancer fundraising campaign, such as the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, for instance, raises approximately $150 million. Tens of billions of dollars have been raised by all the fundraising campaigns combined and yet, according to the American Cancer Society, there's still a 41% probability that an individual, male or female, will develop cancer in his or her lifetime!

Why have all the billions of dollars raised for cancer research been futile in curing cancer?

Many people, including the Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, Dr. Samuel Epstein, state that the priorities of health organizations that claim to be dedicated to finding a cancer cure are "economically motivated, and reflect conflicts of interests with the pharmaceutical industry, the pesticide industry, and the mammography industry."

Another reason for the failure to cure cancer is because a lot of the funds raised actually go to raising public awareness and the merits of the three conventional cancer therapies which include chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Unfortunately chemotherapy isn’t working and the medical journal, "Clinical Oncology," published the results of a study in December 2004, wherein it was shown that chemotherapy has a success rate of just over 2 percent for all cancers which means that is a failure rate of 98%!

The fact is, the business of "curing" cancer, or for that matter any disease, has become an overcomplicated system that is usually invasive and expensive. More often than not, it also does more harm than good, and the "good" that it does is limited to relieving only the symptoms of the disease, and not the actual cause.

Have You Heard?

If you're like most people, every single day, you probably hear of some new "scare" that threatens your health and increases your risk of contracting some kind of disease.

How many of the following scares have you heard of?

* When you microwave food in plastic containers (including plastic wrap, the plastic trays that come with frozen TV dinners, and even plastic baby bottles), the plastic seeps into the food or beverage, and produces carcinogens that give rise to a variety of cancers.

* Commercial hair dyes, especially those that contain chemicals such as diaminoanisole and FD&C Red 33, cause rare cancers such as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and multiple myeloma. One study even claims that at least 20% of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma found in women is caused by use of hair dyes.

* Taking high doses of vitamin E supplements increases the risk of lung cancer by 28%. [This is according to a study of 77,000 people who consumed 400 mg of Vitamin E per day. The risk is even higher among smokers who take high doses of Vitamin E.]

* Granite counter tops, one of the most sought-after upgrades in residential housing, may be emitting dangerous levels of radiation. Although not all granite is radioactive, some of the more exotic granite varieties, particularly the red, pink and purple granites, have been detected to have dangerously high radon levels, and thus pose a serious health risk.

* Canola oil, which has been touted as a "healthy" oil since 1986, has been linked to high lung cancer rates in Chinese women who used the oil in wok cooking. Consumption of canola oil has also been shown to cause fibrotic lesions of the heart, CNS degenerative disorders, prostate cancer, anemia, lung cancer, constipation, irritation of the mucous membranes and many toxic effects, according to many nutritionists and biochemists.

No matter how many health scares you hear, you always have to remember that the consumption of unhealthy substances, exposure to dangerous chemicals or carcinogens, or even viruses or airborne organisms are NOT the cause of disease. Usually, they are just the catalysts that bring about the real CAUSE of disease, which is OXYGEN DEFICIENCY in the body's cells and tissues.

In the case of viruses, harmful bacteria, pathogens or disease microorganisms, they thrive in the body only because the body is oxygen deficient at the cellular level. Just like mosquitoes seek out stagnant pools as their ideal habitat, but do not CAUSE the pools to be stagnant - so, too, do viruses and germs seek out their natural habitat (that is, diseased cells and tissues), but do not cause the cells and tissues to be diseased.

Consider These Statistics

I got an email today with these statistics regarding disease and I had to pass it on. The numbers are staggering! Diseases as a whole have reached epidemic proportions. Consider this:

  • An estimated 39.5 million people are living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) all over the world;
  • Americans, whether male or female, have a 41% probability of developing cancer or dying from it;
  • Approximately 4 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's Disease; 360,000 people develop the disease every year; and this figure is expected to quadruple in the coming years;
  • Every 34 seconds, a person in the U.S. dies from heart disease -- and more than 2,500 Americans die from heart disease every single day;
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetes combined strikes 27% of Americans (approximately 81 million people);
  • The "incurable" disease of alcoholism afflicts 18% of the American adult population;

...and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

When you put all the sobering disease statistics together, you begin to realize that there's no escaping disease. Whatever you do, there's a strong probability that you'll acquire one or more diseases in your lifetime (if you haven't already) -- and you also run the risk of even dying from it.

Natural Cures
Natural Cures


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      Michael Roberts 

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      Thank you for your info, I think natural cures can help everyone


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