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Are Sodas good for you?

Updated on August 7, 2015

Soda and Sugar

All over the world fast food restaurants serve up meals with soda as a preferred drink. Are they not aware of the effects that soda can cause or do they just want to make a quick dollar? Day to day as I pass the various fast food chains I see individuals trafficking in and out of the businesses, most of whom are obese, and I ask myself, " Why do people indulge in things that are so bad for them?". I brain stormed but could not come up with an answer for a very long time, until it dawned on me that they do it because it taste good or that it feels good.

Do you know how much sugar is in one can of soda? One can of soda has approximately 39 grams of sugar, that is equivalent to ten cubes of sugar each of which is four grams. That is a sizable amount of sugar for one can of soda. According to the American Journal of Public Health drinking soda daily can age immune cells almost two years. Senior study author Elissa Epel, PhD, professor of psychiatry at the university of California San Francisco, looked at reasons why it was rumored that soda intake was linked to heart attack, diabetes and even death. Dr. Epel's study of telomeres, which is a part of every cell in the body, led her to discover that shorter telomeres were linked to shorter life spans, more stress, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. It was also noted that adults with shorter telomeres drank more soda. The same study was conducted on smokers and was discovered that they too had shorter telomeres.

Effects of Soda

Based on the website drinking soda is linked to many health issues:

1. Sodium Benzoate which is an ingredient in soda, has been known to trigger asthma, eczema and skin rash. It is an additive that is used to preserve soda.

2. Another ingredient found in soda is phosphoric acid. It has been linked to causing kidney and renal problems in males and those who are overweight. Soda drinkers that intake more soda than water are also exposed to osteoporosis, which is a bone disease that reduces bone mass and density, making the bone susceptible to fractures. When phosphorus is excreted it takes calcium with thus depriving the body of this much needed mineral.

3. The amount of sugar contained in soda causes the pancreas to produce insulin causing the kidney to change sugar into fat which is stored and may lead to obesity among other ailments.

4. Soda also contains high fructose syrup which increases the risk of you getting heart disease and other health illnesses such as diabetes and stroke. These conditions are known as "metabolic syndrome". Persons with a large waist line are at a higher risk factor for heart disease.

5. Soda also has a profound effect on your tooth. The sugar and acid contained it destroys the enamel. The sugar in soda creates a layer on your teeth producing plaque which increases bacteria in the mouth who thrive on plaque build up.

Is soda considered healthy to you?

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Soda for thought

The next time you drink soda, think about the risk you will be taking with your health. Is it even worth it? I personally stopped drinking soda for the same reason. In my opinion coke soda is the most dangerous of all. Did you know that coke soda has many uses? It can remove oil stains, blood stain, clean battery terminals, remove rust, clean car engine and the list goes on. Imagine what it will do to you. It is always good to be knowledgeable of the effects of the food that we consume. Drink less soda for a longer healthier life.


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