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Are White Bumps in the Throat Common?

Updated on July 24, 2011

The white bumps in your throat are fairly common. It is believed that they occur among 10 percent of the population. They are rare among little children and more common among young adults. For some reason, yet to be identified, the bumps tend to show up more in women than men. People that have some condition that affects the immune system are also more likely to develop the white bumps. People with allergies, post nasal drip, sinus infection, and autoimmune diseases show signs of these bumps in a wider extent than those who don't have these conditions. Also, people with poor diet and poor lifestyle develop these bumps to a wider extent

White Bumps = Tonsil Stones

The white bumps that you refer to are also called tonsil stones. They are calcifications of dead cells, bacteria, viruses and other substances that has been filtered out of the lymph fluid. When the tonsils become under active they have problem removing the filtered waste and it is let to sit in the tonsil crypts. They eventually grow larger as more and more waste is added and they start to decompose and give rise to a terrible smell which is the cause of bad breath among many individuals.

The tonsils become under active because they have too much waste to filter out from the lymph fluid. The cause for the lymph fluid to become filled with waste material is manly a lifestyle issue.

If your diet is unhealthy it will produce a lot of substances that they body needs to eliminate because it is harmful to the body. For example, this can include poor quality food. This food generally contain much toxins and residues that makes their way to the blood. And your body is trying to get rid of these substances because they are making you sick.

The stones can be removed if you improve your lifestyle and diet and eliminate the causes of the white bumps. You can read more about tonsil stones by following the links below.


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