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Are You Addicted To Alcohol

Updated on February 22, 2014

The big question in today's world is, "are you a casual drinker or Are you Addicted To Alcohol"?

Drinking on occasion, such as a family function, celebrating a Holiday, Birthday, Graduation or anything that warrants drinking alcohol is normal to most of us in the world, but then there are the folks that alcohol is the main course of this celebration.

Most of us plan the meal for our celebration and then the next words would be "how about the booze"? What should we get, a keg, how about wine and the hard stuff.

In my opinion, having a Christening celebration or a child being Baptized should not involve alcohol at the after party. "This is my opinion only".

When the drinks start to flow we tend to forget why we are actually attending this party. We forget the real meaning of the celebration. We tend to ignore the main person (our child) and just party away like it's our day in the spotlight.

So, what determines if you are an alcoholic or not?

I my opinion and my experience with alcohol I can truly say if you can not control your consumption of alcohol, stop at one or two drinks and call it quits for the night you might have a problem like i did.

For some people once they take the first drink that's it. The drinking goes on and on for hours until the party is done, or run out of the refreshments. I for one, could not stop at one or two drinks. I had no willpower to control my intake of alcohol. With no control of my consumption of alcohol, I would consider myself addicted to alcohol and a alcoholic.

I really felt guilty with my alcohol addiction, but didn't want to change my life just yet. I knew it was going to take some time to own up to my addiction and surrender to my demons. The time wasn't right for me even though many people would say "why don't you STOP your drinking or at least slow down"?

My words would be to them "I will when I am damn ready". It's really embarrassing when people approach you and say things like that. It makes you feel so low, like if you were nothing.

What can help you surrender to your inner demons?

The first thing I did was to weigh the pros and cons of my addiction. Ask yourself if I were to quit drinking how will my life change for the better?


1) I will feel healthy and more energetic.

2) My family life will improve.

3) No more hangovers and feeling like being on my death bed.

4) Be able to fulfill my dreams and goals.

5) To be able to save lots of money.

6) To be able to think straight and with a clear mind.

7) Physical appearance will improve.

8) Self esteem will improve.

9) No more crying blues

10) Overall better outlook on life and enjoy it Sober.


1) Health will decline.

2) Physical appearance will decline.

3) May lose family, friends and possibly your own life.

4) Hangovers and feeling deathly sick.

5) Low self esteem

6) Continue to think negative thoughts.

7) Crying blues.

8) Memory loss

9) Organ failure

10) Weight gain or for some weight loss.

11) Loss of employment

12) Loss of self-worth

13) Loss of confidence.


In my opinion I think that the pro list looks a little more inviting, don't you?

So if you a have an alcohol addiction or you seem to live your life around alcohol, please seek help either from a Professional that specializes in addictions or just ask your family if they would help you and guild you in the right direction in life.

You are the one that has to take that first step forward to sobriety. You have to be willing to accept the help you need in order to succeed.  If you start out with a Positive Attitude and think to yourself that you will indeed conquer this addition, then your chances to succeed will improve.  Stay focused on your goal to get clean and sober and it will come, it just will take some hard work, but you can do it!


© 2010 Mark Bruno


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