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Are You Emotionally Challenged? Women overreact and men have no emotion, true or false? Take the quiz.

Updated on June 19, 2013

Emotionally Challenged

On some level, we’re all emotional creatures, some just more than others, or should I say, some just LESS, than others. Man or woman, old or young, we all have times in our lives when we are vulnerable to emotion. What made us laugh a few years ago, may no longer be funny to us today. What made us cry last night, may not make us cry tomorrow. Being emotionally challenged in this sense means, you can’t control your emotions to the extent that you would like and as a result, some situations become more uncomfortable for you or others than you would like.

Take a nice gesture on TV or ‘thought’ being displayed in action or words. The people on TV are actors. The story is not real and does not impact your life and yet, sometimes we can be moved to tears. I call this, becoming the movie.

Do you personify and transpose the fiction of a TV/Movie plot onto your own life for interpretation and does that interpretation make you cry or make you emotional? For instance, let’s say you are watching a movie and a boy’s dog dies. Do you think back to when your dog may have died and then become saddened over the incident?

Or how about the girlfriend or boyfriend who hasn’t necessarily done something wrong, but also didn’t live up to your expectations of what you were hoping. Do you take this personal and get disappointed? More importantly, do you let this disappointment ruin your moment and become a visible sign that you are emotionally unsettled?


Unemotional: Emotionally Unavailable Man

On the other side of the coin, do you sometimes skip right over someone else’s pain and suffering because it is not your pain or suffering? An unemotional response doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is auditioning for Dexter.

Lack of empathy or emotional ties to those around you, or isolating yourself from an emotional response could be construed stereotypical for a guy. Most men don’t react emotionally to things the same was as a woman. Just because your boyfriend or husband doesn’t respond emotionally the same way as you would, doesn’t mean he isn’t emotional. Vice versa, just because your wife or girlfriend may get “overly” emotional in response to some trigger doesn’t mean that she’s overreacting. Men tend to stereotype women the opposite and think women are just “overreacting”.

Reading between the lines can help shed some light onto a person’s emotional disposition and help bring them to terms with their emotional state and may actually help them make some changes.

Take the girl who cry’s at the sight or thought of anything sad. While it may not be abnormal to cry during sensitive moments, crying at every sensitive moment is an indication that there may be some other issues going on. Or completely not eliciting an emotional response may too be an indicator of something going on. Like flight or fight, we sometimes open up our wounds for cathartic release just as we put up walls to “not let anything in”. Overly deploying these reactions can lead to the perception of being emotionally challenged. Take the quiz to see how you rank:

TAKE THE QUIZ! Are You Emotionally Challenged?

1. Do You Cry During Sad Movies?

See results

2. When your spouse or significant other is heated and yelling, do you engage and yell back, or walk away and wait for the emotion to calm down?

See results

3. How long ago was the last time you cried. Doesn’t have to be from pain, could be from joy, happiness, sadness.?

See results

4. When was the last time you told someone you love them?

See results

5. When you hear or see something funny, do you share it with someone?

See results

6. Have you ever heard a song, and then because of it, been moved to do something sweet for someone like buy flowers, a card or call them up to talk?

See results

7. Do your emotional responses last more than an hour?

See results

8. Do you have a hard time letting go or throwing things away? Do you keep physical reminders of people places and things?

See results

9. Has anyone ever told you you are an emotional person?

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10. How do you view yourself emotionally?

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Score Yourself

Score yourself a (4) for each A response. (2) for each B response and (0) for each C response.

If your total is between 30-40 you are an emotional person and likely have some challenges and obstacles to overcome emotionally. You could say, you may be emotionally challenged. You may be vesting too much of yourself into others and as a result your emotions bring you up and down. Being an emotional person can mean some great highs, but also some really low lows.

If your total is between 10-30, you’re a pretty emotionally balanced person. Towards the higher/lower end of this range, you may exhibit traits of being overly emotional, or rather emotionless, but more likely you know who you are and what makes you tick and are engaged enough in life to make it enjoyable.

If your total is less than 10, you’re emotionally challenged on the low end. The most joy in life is gained from emotional experiences. If you’re shutting yourself down, or immune to an emotional response, it may be worth taking a look at the things that bother you. Often times people act “hard” because they’ve been hurt. Heal those wounds and get back in there.


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    • rlleon42 profile image

      rlleon42 4 years ago from United States

      Thank you peachpurple. I can understand the sentiment. It is tough to break gender molds. They're stereotypes for a reason. As long as your happy with yourself, your husband can learn to accept that your emotions are what make you endearing.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Took the poll quiz. I am an emotional person. Sometimes, it is hard to hold back the feelings, that why my hubby say that my EQ is low. Got a lot of changes to make, huh? Voted useful