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Are You Poisoning Yourself with Bad Foods?

Updated on September 17, 2014

Burning Cheetos Demonstration

My Stomach Aches!

I have not eaten Cheetos for years; but that was a long time before discovering the burning demonstrations. My body just never felt good after eating Cheetos or other processed foods. However, after learning of these burning demonstrations, I am so happy I decided to love my body more than junk food.

As consumers, it is our responsibility to read EVERYTHING, especially food labels. Just because it looks and smells good, doesn't mean it is good for our bodies.

Original Demonstration in Spanish

Healthy Food Choices

After watching these videos, will you change your food choices?

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Taking Care of Your Body

Junk food tastes so good. Millions of dollars are spent to entice our buying habits. However, our health insurance costs are off the charts because of the poisons we put into our bodies. Eating these chemically-laden snacks will ensure our health care costs remain exuberant. Watch these videos and decide if you want to increase your health care costs just for the sake of foods looking and tasting good.


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