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Are You a Slave of Cigarette or tobacco?

Updated on November 25, 2017

Strange smokers

The strange thing is smokers never want to smoke. They were only following what everyone else was doing.
Smoking is a wide spreading fashion these days and the most dreadful thing is that, it is way too much common among youngsters.

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Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking | Source

Why do people smoke?

Many young people think it is smart to smoke. Children between ages 18 to 26 think smoking is a stepping stone, a cool status. Well guess what, it's a stepping stone to the graveyard.
You need to worry if you're a smoker. Smoking is a luxury but number two killer next to cancer. It plays a definite part in reducing a person's resistance to disease.
If you don't smoke, great! But many of the people we see around aren't fortunate. For their sake it's best to understand something about it. Every cigarette a person smokes leaves them a little weaker and less able to carry out your responsibility. Thehealth risk is high.
A smoker gets a temporary lift and finds it difficult to quit. They can't stop because they're addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is a powerful drug that is found in tobacco leaves. Some people have difficulty to stop the habit while some are still struggling to stop. Some still smoke because of the fun of it.
Is smoking a temporary lift from the tobacco? However, negative feelings follow when a smoker takes one. It is a temporary escape from the strain and stress of life. Some smoke because of stress which leads to migraines. I think smoking compounds a smokers problem.
The non- smoker has a greater advantage. they feel good and healthy.
Smoking is one of the dangerous habits. People are getting addicted to smoking and at very young age too.

Simple ways to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is a very difficult thing but not impossible. By avoiding some foods items and taking some foods items a smoker can reduce your cravings for nicotine and ultimately stop smoking.
You must avoid alcohol, red meat, sugar and coffee to reduce your craving for cigarette.
Adding a cinnamon rich diet takes care after effects associated with quitting smoking.
Both ginger and garlic are hot, they lead to perspiration and eliminate toxic substances from your body.
Vegetables like cucumber, celery, broccoli and carrots have crunchiness and by chewing them, will reduce the craving for smoking.
Apples contain an antioxidant compound called pectin helps in treating a number of digestive track disorders. They are also known for reducing the toxicity of blood.
Dairy products leave a bitter taste in your mouth when you smoke after consuming them.
You must I repeat MUST fight from what I call the 30 second urges. The urges usually last about 30 seconds, and if you can get past the first 30 second urge you can get past the second to the millionth if you choose too.
After working through step one and two this is the final step.
Tell yourself if you can make it one minute, you can make it two. If you can make it two minutes, you can make it four. If you can make it four minutes, you can make it eight. Keep doubling your time. If you can make it one day, you can make two and so on. If you can make it one month, you can make it two. Keep fighting you almost have this thing beat.
Fight, fight, fight! This is going to be the biggest battle of your life!
Chew gum if that helps, stay busy, and remember no excuses! Everyone who fails always blames life stress or something else. You fail because you choose to fail! Ask the LORD for a stronger willpower to quit. We choose our paths, and today is your day to choose freedom from smoking!


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