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Are you curious to know about your pregnancy?

Updated on May 28, 2013

Are you curious about you pregnancy? Mostly, symptoms of the pregnancy starts after the 6 week of the pregnancy. Are you wondering why you have not gotten your period? This is a huge symptom of pregnancy. There are some other symptoms as well that are given below:

1. Food distastes:

It is a common symptom and most of the women experience it when they got pregnant. You will dislike the smell of the sandwich and coffee. This may be the side effect of estrogen in your stomach. You might dislike your favorite foods if you are pregnant.

2. A missed menstrual:

If you have your periods mostly regular on time and you do not have your periods this time as usual. This a symptom of pregnancy so you must consider a pregnancy test and consult your healthcare provider.

3. Nausea

Some of the women do not get this symptom in the early days while others get that two weeks after conception. Some women get this problem only in the morning while others get it in morning, noon or night. Mostly, it starts vanishing after the first trimester but sometime it stays longer for another month.

4. Anxiety or depression:

Due to rapid increase in the hormones level during the prenatal period, women’s emotions got changed, some of them feel sad and hopeless. If you are depressed or have thought of harming yourself, call your consultant immediately.

5. Frequent urination:

It happens because of hormonal changes due to pregnancy. Blood flow becomes fast through the kidneys and you bladder will fill more often, so you have to pee more than usual. This symbol is mostly seen after the 5 week of pregnancy. It will carry on till the end of pregnancy.

6. Weakness:

You will feel tired due to rapid increase in hormone levels, also because of frequent urination and nausea. You will not be able to do your regular work as u do previously. This will carry on till the end of first trimester and surely you will feel energetic after the start of second trimester.

7. Tender breasts:

In the early stage of pregnancy you will feel your breasts sensitive or swollen because of hormone levels. You will feel your breasts as you feel just earlier the periods. This change also vanish just before the second trimester as your body will regulates with the hormonal changes.

When you get a positive result about your pregnancy, consult your doctor and ask her about the medication.


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