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Are you thinking about getting pregnant?

Updated on May 31, 2013

Women wants to have a healthy pregnancy, the best way is to plan your way of life and eating habits before getting pregnant. Increase healthy foods in your diets and reduce unhealthy ones. Add some healthy habits in your daily life such as exercise.

If you want to become parent, visit your nearest health care center and tell them about your plan. He might suggest you some tests according to your previous medical reports. You might be offered for test if you are older than 38, have past record of miscarriages, have HIV/AIDS or any other major disease.

Add vitamins in your diet that are necessary during pregnancy such as folic acid, which reduces the risk of birth defects if taken before the pregnancy. You need 300 extra calories per day during the pregnancy. Remove unhealthy habits from your routine such as smoking. According to the research smokers take longer to get pregnant and they have high risk of miscarriage and low birth weight. So if you are a smoker, quit smoking before getting pregnant. Chat with your doctor to cut down smoking.

Drinking is not good at all during pregnancy. So if you drink, it is good idea to cut down before getting pregnant. If you are having trouble in cutting it down, consult your doctor he might advise you some trick. Also avoid illegal drugs cocaine, heroin etc. as it causes serious issues during pregnancy.

Make a routine of exercise if you don’t have previously. It make you feel better and energetic. Before starting any exercise consult your doctor and ask her about what type of exercise is safe for you. Prenatal yoga is also a good choice during the pregnancy, it helps in reducing back pain and keep you relax.

Try to stay relax and keep yourself safe during the work as some works are not good during the pregnancy like standing for too long. Talk with your doctor and ask him whether you are safe on your job or not.

Do I need a doctor during pregnancy? Yeah! You have to make sure that you consult your health with a specialist after sometime during pregnancy. He will advise you tests and medication when needed. He will let you know about the risks involved in your labor and he will tell you some precautions to minimize the risk factors. If you do not feel comfortable with your doctor, search a new one and replace him/her.


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