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Arise to Morning Woes: Brushing Exercises and Diet

Updated on July 14, 2014

Awakening and getting to the bathroom

Waking up in the mornings can be very trying. For one thing, you have to dislodge the cat sleeping at your feet. Let us not think about exercises, not now. Then you have to figure out which way the sun is shining. Sometimes these tasks will prove to be your undoing and you fall back to sleep.

For those who manage to figure out where the window is and which way the sun is shining the morning may yet blossom like the rose in their garden. But, there is the problem of the bed sheets. It somehow tangles up and prevents one from rising. This problem can be overcome with some artful maneuvering, pulling and tugging.

You have now crossed stage II of your morning exercises and maneuver training schedule. Now for stage III. This can be daunting for here we have to brush the teeth. Mothers know which toothpaste her child likes and so mostly we have a nice time getting rid of our bacteria.

Morning is best time for exercising

Light exercise like walking can do wonders for your health
Light exercise like walking can do wonders for your health | Source

Exercise is a serious thing

Routine exercises without any change – these staple items in the morning menu provide much stability to our daily schedule. To be honest, one feels refreshed when one has exercised a bit. Here are some simple exercises that will get you going.

I) Warm up exercises

  1. For the arms

a) Keep your arms away from your body and raise them to one side. You will be holding something invisible say a pot or pan.

b) Now swing it to the other side slowly without straining your muscles.

c) Move the weight from one leg to the other when you do this.

d) Move the arms the other now.

e) Repeat this for 2 –3 minutes.

  1. For the legs and body

i. Best exercise is jogging.

ii. Jog at leisurely pace without exertion.

iii. If you do not have the space, you can use the elliptical trainer or walker. You can do running in place too.

Health and Exercise

What is the best benefit of exercising?

See results

II) Bending and stretching

  1. Bends

i. Stand straight against a wall.

ii. Move up so that you do not touch the wall.

iii. Raise your hands up.

iv. Keeping the palms facing in front, slowly bend your body from waist until your hands touch the ground or your ankles.

v. Raise your hands again until you come straight.

vi. Repeat this exercise until you feel your muscles stretched.

  1. Stretching for the legs and back

i. Sit down on the floor.

ii. Keep your legs apart so that you are balanced well.

iii. Bend your upper torso and reach out with one hand to one of your toe (normally the opposite toe).

iv. Repeat with the other hand.

v. Do this over and over again for 2 –3 minutes.

If you are practicing for some sports meet, you must follow a regular weight training schedule. This will be determined by your coach. Duration and intensity will depend on the seriousness of the sports event and the level of commitment.

Keep your mind fresh through regular morning exercise

Make morning exercise part of your daily routine
Make morning exercise part of your daily routine | Source

In summary

  1. Getting up in the morning is the problem.
  2. Start your morning with some simple exercises.
  3. Eat proper food.
  4. Sleep well.

Diet and impact of foods

Foods supply the body with the energy. Sugars are synthesized to form energy. Normal foods contain fats 15 –20%, carbohydrates 30% and proteins 40%. Proteins are useful in synthesis of hormones and building of muscle tissue, fats help in synthesis and transport of various ingredients to different parts of the body. Carbohydrates provide all the energy. So, even if you are on a weight loss program, do not adopt any training program that prevents you from having carbohydrates. When you go on diet that is deficient in these items, you will initially lose weight because the body will think you need energy and will mobilize the excess fats.

However, once this stage is past, the body will set your body into an emergency mode. It will begin to conserve energy for the future by accumulating whatever fat it can. And so, the person will begin to put on weight. Your body requires minimum of 2567 calories everyday for carrying out various metabolic functions like respiration, blood circulation, digestion and maintaining body temperature. For women the requirement is 2340 calories but this minimum must be maintained. You can increase the amount of exercises in order to bring down the calorie count on a daily basis.

Know your foods

Barley, wheat pasta, quinoa
Hard boiled egg, oatmeal cookie
Sunflower oil, olive oil
Strawberries, oranges (Vitamin C)
Cockles, liver, lean beef (iron)
low fat yogurt, brown rice
mixed nuts snack
flax seeds, nuts like peanuts, almonds
vegetables, whole grain cereal (Vitamin K)
chicken liver (folate), seafood, whole grain cereals (zinc)
bananas, whole grain bread
pumkin seeds, beef
peacans, fat found in fish such as trout, mackerel, salmon
tomatoes, nuts, salmon (Vitamin E), fish, meat (Vitamin B)
nuts, whole grain (magnesium)
Vary your diet to suit your taste

Supplement your exercises with good food

Until next morning then

Mornings are the best time to train or do your exercises. Reason is that you have a clear brain and exercising will refresh your metabolism. By boosting your metabolic activity, you get the advantage of a very responsive body. This will enhance your learning skills and improve your work output too. Rest is also essential so sleep in time and rest for seven or eight hours at least.

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  • snerfu profile imageAUTHOR

    Vivian Sudhir 

    5 years ago from Madurai, India

    Hello DDE, Good to see you in the morning. Yea yes, warm up helps to bring the blood circulation right up to the tip of your toes and fingers. Have fun stretching.

  • snerfu profile imageAUTHOR

    Vivian Sudhir 

    5 years ago from Madurai, India

    Hello Ms Giordano,

    Good for you -- warm ups help a lot but you do not realize how much. In that way they are like the prayer we say in the morning, you do not know it but it works wonders.

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 

    5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Early morning exercising is wonderful start for any day. Your ideas sound useful.

  • CatherineGiordano profile image

    Catherine Giordano 

    5 years ago from Orlando Florida

    I do exercise every day. Weights 3 times a week and stationary bike 4 times a week. I'm going to add your warm-up exercise to my routine.


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