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Arnica Side Effects - Tips About this Powerful Herbal Remedy

Updated on June 2, 2010

Arnica is an herbal treatment made of the dried flowers from the arnica plant. It is used to manage all kinds of topical ailments like muscle soreness, cuts, bruises, inflammation and insect bites. You can purchase this herb in the shape of external ointments and lotions; it is also sometimes accessible in an oil.

Arnica is seen as a generally safe remedy when applied topically, or on the skin’s surface. Many arnica side effects are restricted to when it is consumed internally. Some people ingest arnica in substantially diluted forms and of these people, the ones who do not properly dilute it are the ones most in danger of side effects.

Origins of Arnica

The yellow flower of the arnica plant resembles a daisy. It has been used for hundreds of years by Europeans and Native Americans to cure external maladies and injuries. The flower heads of the arnica are gathered for use in alternative treatments.

Arnica benefits come by loosening blood vessels at the very exterior of the skin. This helps inflammation clear out and raises healing speed. Arnica can be utilized as a post surgery pain medicine. It does this by decreasing internal inflammation and bruising. It is a widespread homeopathic remedy used during childbirth to help decrease pain.

Common Side Effects

A couple arnica side effects, that regularly occur from excessive use or use by those with sensitive skin, are irritated skin, eczema and blisters. These symptoms commonly don’t show up unless taken over 3 weeks. Those who need to not use arnica are people with diabetes or on blood thinners and anticoagulants. This is because arnica encourages blood flow which is harder to handle for those with a condition that impacts their circulation.

If swallowed, which should strictly be done under the help of a doctor, side effects could involve dizziness, shaking and heart irregularities. If it has not been diluted sufficiently, arnica side effects can initiate digestive issues, nausea, kidney and liver damage and maybe even death. In homeopathic remedies, arnica must be diluted to around one part arnica to 24 parts water, this undoubtedly displays the effectiveness of arnica. Arnica contains the toxin helanalin and in larger doses can cause internal bleeding in the digestive tract.

Benefits of Arnica

Arnica works miracles for eliminating topical skin difficulties like bruising, swelling and sprains. Arnica side effects typically only happen to people who consume it, individuals with skin sensitivities and individuals with circulatory issues. Cease surface use quickly if you go through any side effects and never use arnica internally unless with a physician's supervision.

You can read even more about arnica side effects and other plant based treatments that are able to help you improve your quality of life.


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