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How Useful is Aromatherapy for Your Hair?

Updated on January 22, 2012

One simple but very effective way of hair care is aromatherapy, for example, combing the hair with essential oils. Everything you need for this is a hairbrush, made of natural materials (wood or stubble), and any aromatic oil of your choice. Note that combs made of metal or plastic are not suitable for aromatherapy, because these materials can enter into chemical reactions with components of the essential oils.

How useful is aromatherapy for hair? First of all, this is a kind of nutrient mask for your hair. Essential oils contain a lot of natural ingredients that are beneficial for growth and appearance of your hair. And the process of combing also stimulates blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. So after aromatherapy hair simply is transformed: becomes shiny and have a healthy appearance. In addition, essential oils give your hair a fragrance that not only win the people around you, but also improve your health and mood. After all, aromatic oils are known for their ability to affect the nervous system and emotional state.

Essential oils contain a lot of natural ingredients that are beneficial for growth and appearance of your hair.
Essential oils contain a lot of natural ingredients that are beneficial for growth and appearance of your hair.

How to Choose Essential Oils for Hair

Essential oils for hair aromatherapy must be chosen very carefully. First, we should not mix the smell of essential oils and perfume, which may come into dissonance between them. Secondly, choose only those smells that you like and do not cause irritation.

Take into account time of day, and especially the particularity of essential oil. Example, in the morning is better to choose the oil that has an exhilarating effect, such as mint, ginger, rosemary, or cinnamon. But in the evening, choose other kinds of oils, which help relax and remove tension: chamomile, ylang-ylang, lavender, rose, eucalyptus, citrus oils.

If you are going to a romantic date, you can influence your partner feelings combing your hair with aphrodisiacs essential oils such as: jasmine, grapefruit, rosewood, patchouli, nutmeg. These oils will awaken in you and your partner the feeling of passion.

How to apply

The hair aromatherapy procedure is very simple. Take a comb made of natural materials and spread throughout its length a few drops of the chosen aromatic oil (not more than 5 drops). Then gently and carefully comb your hair for a few minutes (about 5-7 minutes).

Do not apply on the hair a lot of oil, because it would be of more harm than good. Essential oils are concentrated enough and large quantities can cause headaches, irritation or depression. For this reason, it is recommended ventilate the room in which you want to do this procedure. In addition, it is desirable to control the procedure in advance to check the reaction of your hair on selected aroma oils.
Also, do not do this too often. Usually it is recommended twice a week, and if you need immediate assistance, for example, with a strong hair loss, then it is acceptable to do it in the morning and evening.


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    • nikipa profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Yeah, maybe I should give it a try one day as well! :)

      Good Guy, Thank you for your nice sense of humor!


    • Good Guy profile image

      Justin Choo 

      8 years ago from Malaysia

      As you can see, I have a shaven head!

      (LOL) Hahahaha!!!!!


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