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Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Review - Essential Oil Diffusers for Christmas Gifts

Updated on March 26, 2011

Options for aromatherapy oil diffusers

Although many oils used in aromatherapy can be applied topically the effect of a properly diffused oil throughout your space is unparalleled.

The act of diffusing , or dispensing oils so that the aroma is dispersed around a room of a natural fragrance. Each oil or blend can be dispensed through any of the devices and methods availabl below. The least expensive is no less effective than the most expensive, although the degree of automation, safety and personal involvement differs as you move up the line in complexity.

  • Reed Diffuser
  • Lamp Ring Diffuser
  • Aromatherapy Candle
  • Plug in Diffuser
  • Candle based oil warmer
  • Fan Diffusers
  • Fountain Diffusers
  • Misters
  • Nebulizers

Filling a Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffusers are one of the cheapest and easiest methods for dispensing your aromatherapy oil of choice. Simple Reed Diffusers are available at most department stores, granted they tend to come with sickly fake scents such as "Vanilla Cookie" and "Christmas Cinnamon," but one can easily clean and adopt some very affordable attractive kits for use with their own essential oils.

Most Reed Diffuser arrangements will have a bundle of rattan reeds, a small vase like container and a cork or rubber stopper top. By simply placing the reeds in the vase filled with oil solution one can create a pleasing and effective aroma. Flip the reeds periodically and replace when necessary.

We use reed diffusers in our hallways and enclosed porches, rooms that are not habitated for long period of times or on a daily basis. The oil is diffused very slowly and their are no safety concerns.

Lamp Ring Diffuser

A quick solution for diffusing oil into any room is a few drops of oil on any hot light bulb. It works great for a quick burst of fragrance. For a very low key and similar technique. Pick up a Lamp Ring diffuser a simple tool that fits around a lightbulb providing a shelf in which oil can be diffused from.

This is a very cost effective and unobtrusive method. The bulbs are usually still hidden by a sahde and merely have added functionality of being able to diffuse oil when warm.

Another very simple and still effective solution to diffusing oil in the house, is through the purchase of an actual aromatherapy candle that has essential oils already contained. If necessary one could also use a unscented candle and drop a few drops of oii into the wax for a lasting burst of aroma.

But unforunately, burning candles arent supposed to stay on unattended, so this is best done in the bathroom or over a dinner or movie in a controlled environment.

Plug in Diffusers are an interesting and rather new option. Im sure anyone who can read a computer screen has also seen a glade plug in or related commercials, you know "Plug it in, Plug it in!" Plug in Diffusers are great, you can simply load the cartridge with your oil of choice and it will be gently warmed causing aroma to diffuse in the room, no candles or open flames to concern yourself with. A very discrete simple soluton that is also very affordable. Each plug in has a unique cartridge system so make sure the refill process is easy and afordable.

Aromatherapy Nebulizers

                         ad88888' `88888ba
                       ,d88888P'   `Y88888b,
                      ,d888P"'       `"Y888b,
                   __,:(["               "]):,__
                ,ad88P`Y88ba,         ,ad88P`Y88ba,
              ad88888' `88888ba     ad88888' `88888ba
            ,d88888P'   `Y88888b, ,d88888P'   `Y88888b,
           ,d888P"'       `"Y888b,d888P"'       `"Y888b,
        __,:(["               "]):(["               "]):,__
     ,ad88P`Y88ba,         ,ad88P`Y88ba,         ,ad88P`Y88ba,
   ad88888' `88888ba     ad88888' `88888ba     ad88888' `88888ba
 ,d88888P'   `Y88888b, ,d88888P'   `Y88888b, ,d88888P'   `Y88888b,
,d888P"'       `"Y888b,d888P"'       `"Y888b,d888P"'       `"Y888b,
:(["               "]):(["               "]):(["               "]):
`Y88ba,         ,ad88P`Y88ba,         ,ad88P`Y88ba,         ,ad88P'
 `88888ba     ad88888' `88888ba     ad88888' `88888ba     ad88888'
  `Y88888b, ,d88888P'   `Y88888b, ,d88888P'   `Y88888b, ,d88888P'
    `"Y888b,d888P"'       `"Y888b,d888P"'       `"Y888b,d888P"'
        ``":(["               "]):(["               "]):"''
           `Y88ba,         ,ad88P'Y88ba,         ,ad88P'
            `88888ba     ad88888' `88888ba     ad88888'
             `Y88888b, ,d88888P'   `Y88888b, ,d88888P'
               `"Y888b,d888P"'       `"Y888b,d888P"'
                   ``":(["               "]):"''
                      `Y88ba,         ,ad88P'   Normand
                       `88888ba     ad88888'    Veilleux
                        `Y88888b, ,d88888P'

 #_                                                                       d
 ##_                                                                     d#
 NN#p                                                                  j0NN
 40NNh_                                                              _gN#B0
 4JF@NNp_                                                          _g0WNNL@
 JLE5@WRNp_                                                      _g@NNNF3_L
 _F`@q4WBN@Np_                                                _gNN@ZL#p"Fj_
 "0^#-LJ_9"NNNMp__                                         _gN#@#"R_#g@q^9"
 a0,3_j_j_9FN@N@0NMp__                                __ggNZNrNM"P_f_f_E,0a
  j  L 6 9""Q"#^q@NDNNNMpg____                ____gggNNW#W4p^p@jF"P"]"j  F
   F Jp 9__b__M,Juw*w*^#^9#""EED*dP_@EZ@^E@*#EjP"5M"gM@p*Ww&,jL_J__f  F j
 -r#^^0""E" 6  q  q__hg-@4""*,_Z*q_"^pwr""p*C__@""0N-qdL_p" p  J" 3""5^^0r-
   t  J  __,Jb--N""",  *_s0M`""q_a@NW__JP^u_p"""p4a,p" _F""V--wL,_F_ F  #
 _,Jp*^#""9   L  5_a*N"""q__INr" "q_e^"*,p^""qME_ y"""p6u,f  j'  f "N^--LL_
    L  ]   k,w@#"""_  "_a*^E   ba-" ^qj-""^pe"  J^-u_f  _f "q@w,j   f  jL
    #_,J@^""p  `_ _jp-""q  _Dw^" ^cj*""*,j^  "p#_  y""^wE_ _F   F"^qN,_j
 w*^0   4   9__sAF" `L  _Dr"  m__m""q__a^"m__*  "qA_  j" ""Au__f   J   0^--
    ]   J_,x-E   3_  jN^" `u _w^*_  _RR_  _J^w_ j"  "pL_  f   7^-L_F   #
    jLs*^6   `_  _&*"  q  _,NF   "wp"  "*g"   _NL_  p  "-d_   F   ]"*u_F
 ,x-"F   ]    Ax^" q    hp"  `u jM""u  a^ ^, j"  "*g_   p  ^mg_   D.H. 1992

               _g#@0F_a*F#  _*F9m_ ,F9*__9NG#g_
            _mN#F  aM"    #p"    !q@    9NL "9#Qu_
           g#MF _pP"L  _g@"9L_  _g""#__  g"9w_ 0N#p
         _0F jL*"   7_wF     #_gF     9gjF   "bJ  9h_
        j#  gAF    _@NL     _g@#_      J@u_    2#_  #_
       ,FF_#" 9_ _#"  "b_  g@   "hg  _#"  !q_ jF "*_09_
       F N"    #p"      Ng@       `#g"      "w@    "# t
      j p#    g"9_     g@"9_      gP"#_     gF"q    Pb L
      0J  k _@   9g_ j#"   "b_  j#"   "b_ _d"   q_ g  ##
      #F  `NF     "#g"       "Md"       5N#      9W"  j#
      #k  jFb_    g@"q_     _*"9m_     _*"R_    _#Np  J#
      tApjF  9g  J"   9M_ _m"    9%_ _*"   "#  gF  9_jNF
       k`N    "q#       9g@        #gF       ##"    #"j
       `_0q_   #"q_    _&"9p_    _g"`L_    _*"#   jAF,'
        9# "b_j   "b_ g"    *g _gF    9_ g#"  "L_*"qNF
         "b_ "#_    "NL      _B#      _I@     j#" _#"
           NM_0"*g_ j""9u_  gP  q_  _w@ ]_ _g*"F_g@
            "NNh_ !w#_   9#g"    "m*"   _#*" _dN@"
               9##g_0@q__ #"4_  j*"k __*NF_g#@P"
                 "9NN#gIPNL_ "b@" _2M"Lg#N@F"
               _g#@0F_a*F#  _*F9m_ ,F9*__9NG#g_
            _mN#F  aM"    #p"    !q@    9NL "9#Qu_
           g#MF _pP"L  _g@"9L_  _g""#__  g"9w_ 0N#p
         _0F jL*"   7_wF     #_gF     9gjF   "bJ  9h_
        j#  gAF    _@NL     _g@#_      J@u_    2#_  #_
       ,FF_#" 9_ _#"  "b_  g@   "hg  _#"  !q_ jF "*_09_
       F N"    #p"      Ng@       `#g"      "w@    "# t
      j p#    g"9_     g@"9_      gP"#_     gF"q    Pb L
      0J  k _@   9g_ j#"   "b_  j#"   "b_ _d"   q_ g  ##
      #F  `NF     "#g"       "Md"       5N#      9W"  j#
      #k  jFb_    g@"q_     _*"9m_     _*"R_    _#Np  J#
      tApjF  9g  J"   9M_ _m"    9%_ _*"   "#  gF  9_jNF
       k`N    "q#       9g@        #gF       ##"    #"j
       `_0q_   #"q_    _&"9p_    _g"`L_    _*"#   jAF,'
        9# "b_j   "b_ g"    *g _gF    9_ g#"  "L_*"qNF
         "b_ "#_    "NL      _B#      _I@     j#" _#"
           NM_0"*g_ j""9u_  gP  q_  _w@ ]_ _g*"F_g@
            "NNh_ !w#_   9#g"    "m*"   _#*" _dN@"
               9##g_0@q__ #"4_  j*"k __*NF_g#@P"
                 "9NN#gIPNL_ "b@" _2M"Lg#N@F"


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    • dablufox profile image


      7 years ago from Australia

      i like the idea of the decorative reed diffuser. Some really nice products here.

      Although for myself i don't like the idea of plugging these things in, I wouldn't leave them unattended in case they maybe caught fire.

    • profile image

      Rich C 

      8 years ago

      WallFlowers and other electric air fresheners are so blasted expensive. Candles just aren't safe. Reed diffusers are the safest and cheapest way to scent your house!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I had no idea there were so many ways to diffuse essential oils. There is definitely something for everyone here. This is great. Thanks!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Wow, what a great collection and good research. Thank you.

    • Hub Llama profile image

      Hub Llama 

      8 years ago from Denver, CO

      I like the heat ones because they are faster, but they can "go dry" too easy.


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