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Ashy Bines. You be the judge

Updated on October 26, 2016

Who is Ashy Bines

Ashy Bines is a bikini model who has branched out into selling a diet and exercise programme. The 12 week bikini body challenge is said to be the most successful Australian health and fitness page on facebook. On July 3rd Channel 7s "Today Tonight" ran an article "Swimsuit Wonder Diet". Not to be outdone Nines "A Current Affair" ran a story titled "Bikini Diet Ripoff".

The channel nine story was supposedly run in response to a number of letters from disgruntled clients. The chance to put out a spoiler on a channel 7 article apparently never occurred to ACA but that is another story. Ashy Bines is interviewed in the Today Tonight piece but refused to appear on ACA. This prompts another question was she paid for the interview? Again another story for another page.

The customers ACA interviewed claimed that written material was unprofessional and did not include a diet or menu plan. The plan promised 24hr expert support but users were merely referred to the Ashy Bines facebook page.

One of the disgruntled clients Tara put up an anti Ashy page: Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge = Waste of $ likes of this page have jumped to 8,280 from around 3,000 when TT & ACA aired their reports. Tara also claims to have been harassed and threatened by Ashy's fiancé Steven Evans.

A number of copycat anti Ashy sites are appearing on face book. Many of them are distasteful, insulting and slanderous. Undoubtedly content such as that is the downside for anyone seeking internet fame or notoriety.

I have my opinions on this issue but will keep them to myself for the time being. I would encourage you the reader to decide by reading the material in the linked pages and voting in the poll attached.

Ashy Bines is

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    • queen-of-derp profile image

      Bernadette 5 years ago from Gold Coast

      Anonymous, to see the full extent of Ashy's scam, feel free to visit my blog.

      It's unaware, "living under a rock" people like you, and also Steven Evans, that have labelled us haters. It may have worked for some, but I can 100% guarantee that the weight will almost instantly come back, plus more, when you slack off or stop the "diet."

      The plan calls for no lettuce or cucumber. As far as I was aware, and was taught in school, lettuce is mostly water, but Ashy claims it is loaded with sugar. She is not qualified to be giving this advice, nor is Steven Evans, and the other person they've recently hired, specialises in anorexia and "making girls unhealthily skinny."

      Before you slam us "haters," maybe you should do your own research into Ashy Bines, Steven Evans, and the inner workings of the ABBBC company.

      Ps: great work on this article :)

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      This product does work. And if some of you are driven by people who fail to produce results and trying to get fame in a cheap manner than I wish you all best luck!

    • goosegreen profile image

      goosegreen 5 years ago

      Thanks Lauren. Good to hear you got a refund though.

    • profile image

      Lauren 5 years ago

      Oh this has to be a joke.

      Any girl that buys this diet now is an idiot. It's proven to be a scam and this business will go down in a matter of months when the police get onto it.

      You assume when purchasing from a business that you get what's advertised. This is just not the case. In my situation, I kept asking for a receipt. They asked me for the date and how much I paid - I emailed back saying that a multimillion dollar business must have some sort of accounting structure? Instead of chasing up a receipt for me (actually doing some work) they just refunded me.

      Please do not buy this plan, it's an absolute joke.

    • goosegreen profile image

      goosegreen 5 years ago

      A quality post Anne Clair O. Thank you.

    • Anne Claire O profile image

      Anne Claire O 5 years ago

      Whilst I do not agree with hate posts in any way nor condone them. I am of the view that Ms Bine ought to take some advice post haste and employ the services of a qualified business manager to make some immediate changes to her business model. Moreover, she ought to place a mute button on herself with respect to making any public posts from her personal facebook account as of last week, she was posting on the complaints page "isn't this funny". No, its not funny. In truth, this is not about personal agendas or who lost weight or not. This is about consumer rights, customer service and professionalism. Further its whether or not Ms Bines and her partner Mr Evans have considered the ramifications of how their "guarrantee" to vulnerable women can be viewed in light of the unprofessional set up of their purported CL diet plan, forum and facebook page. Whilst typos are annoying, its takes the polish of the professionalism required to build a brand. Unfortunately, since the ACA story broke, it would seem Ms Bines, has learned nothing from the legitimate complaints of those who have raised concerns as to access to forums, the mechanics of the forums and all in all it would seem that she has an army of followers who will continue to buy into the rubbish testimonials without doing their due dilligence. Its astounding to think, when you read how vulnerable some of the women who post on her page really are, that these women actually do not read the contents nor do they actually research them. Preferring to really on a group of inexperienced forum / facebook posters and the occasional post by admin which when you look at a page run by Michelle Bridges the contrast is mind boggling. I guess that is the difference between hard work, ethics and integrity in my view.