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The Great Debate

Updated on July 1, 2013

Craig Eweke was a middle aged man that was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. He was diagnosed with the disease as it progressed significantly in its later stage. As he learned more about the disease, he realized that people with Lou Gehrig’s disease only lived for two to five years but since his diagnosis was late, he was no longer in the early stages of the diseases. He decided as the days went by that he wanted to have assisted suicide, which is legal in Switerzland. He was to be the one to end his own life by drinking a liquid sedative.

After watching a video about assisted suicide, I think that Craig did and didn’t make the right decision. I feel that he made the right decision because he no longer felt that he was going to be able to feel anything and that he would become paralyzed immediately. Also, I think that he no longer wanted to suffer or wanted his family to suffer any longer than necessary. In the video, he makes a statement about how he isn’t afraid of living but that he is tired of the disease. I think that Craig was tired of the suffering and the pain that he was going through having Lou Gehrig’s disease. I think that Craig made the right decision for him. I think that he didn’t make the right decision because I feel that when it is your time to die, then god will take you. According to Craig, doctors and nurses play god all of the time with the technology they use to keep premature babies alive and with organ donations and breathing machines. I feel that he is right and that sometimes doctors and nurses do play god in order to help another human being to live through technology. I just strongly disbelieve in assisted suicide but I also see Craig’s point of view where he says that doctors and nurses do it, so why can’t he do it in order to relieve stress and pain.

Likewise, the type of restriction that should be used on assisted living is that the doctor shouldn’t be able to help guide the patient through the suicide. I feel that if someone does want to commit suicide because of an illness, that there shouldn’t be any doctor assisting them mainly because I feel that the doctor is playing some role in ending someone else’s life, even though at the end the resident ultimately ends there life by drinking the liquid sedative. I think that the doctor’s role in helping in the assisted suicide should be limited to being there to monitor the patient and watching them die, if necessary. I think that in Craig’s case he felt that it was necessary because of him having Lou Gehrig’s disease, despite the fact that he would no longer be living or able to listen to his favorite music or to see his children’s and wife’s faces and smiles.

Similarly, I think that there should be psychological screenings on the patients before they are able to go through with the assisted suicide. I feel that there should be screenings because there could be someone there who is bipolar and wants the assisted suicide and is able to get it without psychological screenings. I think that these screenings would be necessary in preventing someone who doesn’t need or doesn’t qualify for the assisted suicide to receive it. I feel that certain people should be able receive assisted suicide and that it shouldn’t just be anyone who wants it and is willing to travel to Switzerland in order to receive it. I also think that you should be of the legal age of eighteen in order to also to receive the procedure. I think that if you are an adult then you should be able to make that decision for yourself, depending on your mental state of being. The psychological screenings would ensure that the people that want or feel that they need the assisted suicide receive it. According to Dr. Minelli, he feel that helping people that want assisted suicide is a good possibility to help restore themselves. I agree and I disagree with Dr. Minelli’s comment. I agree because I feel that he’s helping to relieve stress and pain from individuals who know that they are going to die sooner rather than later in their lives. I disagree because I feel that God is the only one to make the decision on when you die and how you die.

In addition to, after the person has gone and passed on from the assisted suicide, I feel that there should be some sort of aftercare for the family members of the person. I feel that there should be a therapist for the family members to talk with about the fact that there loved one is no longer there and that they overall decided to kill themselves earlier than when they were normally suppose to die. I think that the therapy would help significantly in helping the family cope mentally, physically, and emotionally with the fact that someone they loved has died due to their decision to want assisted suicide. I also think that the family members of the loved one should talk with the doctor and any other family members that have gone through the same thing. I think that is necessary in order to put your feelings into words instead of holding everything in and spiraling down into a depressive state of mind.

In conclusion, I believe that the decision that Craig Eweke made was a good decision. I feel this way because it was his own decision and because he no longer wanted to suffer or to make his loved ones suffer. Despite my belief that god should choose when you die and how you die, I think that the assisted suicide is a good thing for those who truly feel that they need it and are scared to go on with living with the disease that they have. I think that god would understand that they could no longer suffer and live the way that they were living. Ivan, Craig’s son, mention how he was proud of his dad and his decision to go along with the assisted suicide. I think that his support and love along with his wife’s and daughter’s helped him get through the process, even though he was scared of dying. His decision was a brave decision that he alone made and I think it was a good decision to make because of the situation that he was in.

Do you believe in decisions such as the one that happened in this story ?

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    • torrilynn profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thank you for seeing my point of view.

    • old albion profile image

      Graham Lee 

      5 years ago from Lancashire. England.

      Hi Torri. I think that you have it right in your conclusion. It was the right decision for him that is so important. I agree with assisting the family after the event. It is I think so much easier for the unfortunate man or woman concerned, to go ahead having talked it through with his or her loved ones. Very well thought through and well presented. Well done.


      voted up and following.


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