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At Last - A Successful Weight Loss Eating Plan And Exercise Program

Updated on February 17, 2014

The Scale Never Lies

Intro To My Weight Loss Eating Plan And Exercise Program

So you've tried what seems like hundreds of times to lose a few extra pounds with a weight loss eating plan and exercise program.

Actually, that's a good sign for these reasons:

  1. You know you have to do both to lose weight (preferably lose more calories in exercise than you eat on a daily basis) AND
  2. You know what does NOT work!
  3. You are serious about losing weight.

Well, we have these things in common. AND I found my own combination of a weight loss eating plan and an exercise program that produce results! So stick around for a while and you'll see why these work so well.

Am I selling anything? Yes, I am. BUT you needn't buy what I'm selling to accelerate your own weight loss. The items for sale are helpful but not absolutely necessary.

So let's get started. The research for this system took a few months to work smoothly, but it's finally come together nicely. You can expect weight loss of up to to 3 pounds per week. Some weeks you'll lose less and some weeks more. And that's pretty good - I don't have 8 hours per day to work out or enough money to hire my own cook.

The Rules For My Weight Loss Eatin Plan And Exercise Program

Always Remember (And Never Forget) the following:

  1. VERY important (and my disclaimer) - See a physician before you start this weight loss system. Heart attacks, strokes, muscle/ligament tears, and the like are to be avoided at all cost! There are medications like the Nadolol that I take that slow down heart rate. In other words, you get inaccurate readings when you check heart rate. Your doctor will know the effects of medications on an eating plan and on exercise.
  2. Start S-L-O-W. Do as much as you can without going overboard. YOU are the trainer, not Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser.
  3. Use this plan for at least 6 months. In the beginning, you may not lose weight because you will gain muscle mass. If you quit before the 6-month period is over, YOU lose (as in not win).

The Exercise Program

Face it - you'll never lose weight unless you expend less calories than you eat every day. It's a scientific fact. So, even the best weight loss eating plan is not going to work successfully unless you work out.

But . . . being the lazy person that I am, I found several workouts that are many more times more effective and healthier than your standard machine aerobics and strength training.

Interval training on a bike or elliptical machine or by simple walking 2 - 3 times a week.

You can track your heart rate by counting your pulse rate or using a heart rate monitor (see below). This is designed for weight loss and heart health and it does work!

Strength training 2 -3 times a week.

Do a 20 minute workout for arms, legs, and core. Use dumbbells, kettle weights, free weights, machines, or stretch bands.

Do not stick to the same routine, but vary it every few weeks.

And learn how to do the exercises correctly so you won't get hurt and you receive the maximum benefit (slowly, with a 3-1-3 count, 2-3 sets per each body part you are focusing on).

You cannot rush through resistance training and you have to breathe (some people forget this minor detail).

The reasons for strength training are simple - you need strong muscles to continue to do the things they want to do. That's reason number 1. Reason number 2 - you can target problem body parts with strength training. If your abs are out of shape, the combination of interval training and building ab muscle will begin to erase that gut.

Don't have access to an aerobics machine or you want to start out more slowly?

Then try these walking routines to begin your exercising:

Leslie Sansone's DVD featuring walking . . .

Note: If you get ambitious, you can use the Peak 8 method with the walking routines. Incorporating a set of barbells into the walking routine will raise your heart rate.

Volumetrics Eating Plan by Barbara Rolls,Ph.D.

Here's the NY Times bestseller weight loss eating plan (not a diet). Combine this plan with the exercise program outlined above and watch the weight drop.

Deprivation Not Required
When you use the plan, you need not deprive yourself of the foods you love to eat. All you have to do is eat your favorite foods in moderation.

This weight loss eating plan is outlined in a New York Times bestseller. It has proven to be the most effective way to lose weight and tops all eating plans (and diets) in most weight lost in a six-month and annual programs.

The Plan Explained

In case you don’t follow the bestseller lists or browse the bookstore shelves, this plan is called volumetrics, a phrase coined by its originator Barbara Rolls, Ph.D.

Quite simply, Dr. Rolls approaches food consumption from an entirely different perspective than most researchers in the area of weight loss. Her plan is based on the density of food where density is defined as calories per gram. The lower the food density (water has density zero), the more of that food you can eat.

You can figure out food density from food labels - just divide calories per serving by the number of grams.

Bottom line – eat low density food in great quantities and high density foods in small quantities. That way you won’t get hungry AND you will drop weight.


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