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Essential Oils for Athlete's Foot Fungus

Updated on March 8, 2011

Athlete's foot is a common affliction, especially for people with active jobs or lifestyles. Luckily, it is easy enough to cure with common essential oils. Try these simple remedies you can make at home to relieve both the fungal infection and the itching and irritation with which it is associated.

Note: these recipes also work well for toenail fungus and ringworm, or simply to soothe tired feet at the end of a long day. For the best results, use all three remedies in succession as a part of your foot care routine, to treat and prevent infections.

REMEDY 1: Foot Soak

This foot bath will disinfect and cleanse, using the warmth of the water to aid in penetration of the oils.


  • 10 drops essential oil of eucalyptus
  • 10 drops essential oil of tea tree
  • 5 drops essential oil of peppermint
  • hot water


Run hot water into a portable foot spa or plastic tub. As the water runs, add essential oils, drop by drop, near the running stream. When tub is 2/3 full, place on a towel at the foot of a comfortable chair. Bare legs up to the ankles and submerge at 15-20 minutes or until water is no longer warm. Remove and pat dry.

REMEDY 2: Aromatherapy Astringent

Daily use of this astringent treats and soothes the infected areas of your feet or nails.


  • 12 drops essential oil of tea tree
  • 8 drops essential oil of geranium
  • 4 drops essential oil of thyme
  • 4 drops essential oil of clove
  • 2-3 oz apple cider vinegar


Add essential oils, one by one, to clean, dry, airtight 3 ounce bottle. Fill to top with apple cider vinegar and close tightly. To combine, place bottle between your palms and roll back and forth. Mix this way before every use. Store in a cool, dry place. To apply, put a few drops of the mixture on a cotton ball or beauty pad and swab affected area daily.

REMEDY 3: Foot Powder

This powder keeps feet dry from excessive perspiration and prevents future fungal infections.


  • 14 drops essential oil of eucalyptus
  • 8 drops essential oil of geranium
  • 5 drops essential oil of sage
  • 3 drop essential oil of peppermint
  • 1/3 cup cornstarch


Measure cornstarch into zippered plastic bag. Add essential oils drop by drop into cornstarch, zipping shut and shaking to mix after every ten drops (three times total). Transfer mixture to airtight shaker-top bottle (available as spice jars at appliance stores and natural pharmacies). Dust feet with this powder at least once daily, and shake into socks or shoes before long wear or physical activity.


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