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Athlete’s Foot Treatment Options for All

Updated on April 24, 2014
Are you ready to get rid of athlete's foot for good?
Are you ready to get rid of athlete's foot for good? | Source

Athlete’s foot is irritating, and it always seems to be at its worst during the night. When the feet get warm, the itching can be unbearable, and it really keeps you up for hours on end. You need to find athlete’s foot treatment options that will help ease the itching and discomfort, while helping to get rid of the fungal infection. Here is a review of four different options worth trying.

Tinactin to Prevent Athlete’s Foot

Tinactin is the first on the list for athlete’s foot treatments. This is reportedly so good that it prevents the fungal infection. However, it is not wise to use treatments if you don’t have any signs or symptoms of the problem. The body does become immune to treatments when used without justified needs.

It has been clinically proven to prevent the fungal infection. It can be used up to twice a day to help, and could be beneficial to those who are prone to the infection.

This athlete’s foot treatment option is great for those with tough athlete’s foot. It is designed specifically for the harsher forms of the fungal disease, which can take up to four weeks to get rid of. The directions do state that it should be gone completely within a month.

Many people rave about Tinactin for getting rid of athlete’s foot. They also highly rate the fact that it stops the annoying itching quickly and effectively.

Prescription-Strength Ingredients from Lotrimin Ultra

Sometimes prescriptions are needed to get rid of athlete’s foot, but they can be really expensive. What if you could get prescription-strength medication at an over-the-counter price? Well, now you can with Lotrimin Ultra. This treatment for athlete’s foot uses ingredients that nobody else does, offering a one-of-a-kind form of treatment.

You will need to be careful when buying this product. The company is currently reformulating its ingredients due to one of the inactive ingredients being linked to cancer. Diethanolamine was linked as a cancer causing ingredient by the California’s Prop 65. Check that the product you buy does not have this ingredient included. If you are buying online, it is worth contacting the company first of all.

This is not a cream you will need to carry around with you. You just have to apply it once, preferably just after washing your feet (or the area affected by the fungal infection), and that is it for the rest of the day. It’s very easy to add into your daily routine.

What Is Athlete's Foot and How Can You Avoid It?

It's time to get the type of feet you love to show off.
It's time to get the type of feet you love to show off. | Source

Athlete’s Foot Antifungal Cream to Stop Itching and Burning

For those who find the itching and burning the worst part of athlete’s foot, Athlete's Foot Antifungal Cream is definitely worth considering. It is also budget-friendly for those really struggling to afford medications. It is also made in the United States for those looking for something created a little closer to home.

One of the biggest benefits is that the cream helps to keep moisture into the skin. Athlete’s foot can make the skin very dry, which then causes cracking and peeling. This adds to the pain associated with the condition, especially if left untreated. It also treats the fungal infection.

Dealing with the itching is highly important. The itching symptom is part of the reason for the spreading of the infection. When you scratch, you spread the fungus around your feet and your body. The fungus gets trapped under your nails, and then passes around other parts of your body. Of course, the darker and sometimes moist parts under your nails offer the perfect environment for the fungus to grow.

It will take a few weeks to get rid of the athlete’s foot with this treatment, depending on the severity of the infection. You will also need to use it on a daily or twice-daily basis for best results.

Clotrimazole Athlete’s Foot Solution

The fourth athlete’s foot solution is Clotrimozole. This is the active ingredient in the majority of treatments on the market, and is extremely effective for easing rashes and curing infections on the skin. Just a thin layer needs to be applied on a twice-daily basis, first thing on a morning and on the evening. You will need to wash your feet beforehand to make sure they are clean to avoid making the infection worse.

This cream is not only just useful for athlete’s foot. It treats ringworm and jock itch, along with a few other fungal infections. Some people even find that it helps toenail infections. It is very hard to find athlete’s foot treatments that will cure toenail fungal infections, so finding this is a benefit for many. It is much cheaper than some of the specifically created products on the market.

The Clotrimozole will help to soothe the itching, which helps to prevent athlete’s foot spreading. It will also soothe the burning and discomfort that comes from scaling and cracking.

This Clotrimozole athlete’s foot solution is a liquid instead of a cream. This is highly effective for nail infections since it is much easier to get the liquid underneath the nails. It is also much easier to apply the liquid directly onto the affected area, instead of having to apply it to the hands first.

Is it possible to stop athlete's foot from even happening? Of course it is!
Is it possible to stop athlete's foot from even happening? Of course it is! | Source

Prevent Athlete’s Foot

Prevention is generally the best form of defense. The good news is you can prevent athlete’s foot from ever happening, so you don’t need the various treatments mentioned above. The best way is to keep your feet as dry as possible. The fungus grows in damp, dark areas and is very common for athletes (hence the name). This is difficult while training, so get a shower and changes your socks as soon as you have finished.

When washing the feet, it is important to make sure they are dry before wearing socks. It is best to dry them with paper towels instead of a normal towel. The fungus will collect on the towel and spread across the whole body, whereas you throw the paper towel away after use.

If you’re suffering from athlete’s foot, the creams above will help get rid of it in most cases. It really does depend on the severity of the infection. If it takes longer than a month to see any improvement, it is best talking to your doctor who will be able to prescribe you a stronger option for your athlete’s foot treatment.


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