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Avoid These Mistakes To Reduce Your Belly Fat And To Have Six Pack Abs

Updated on May 12, 2011

There is more than one perspective with which your desire to lose fat should be viewed. The first one is to have a general overall health because by being fat and overweight, you become prone to be affected by many serious ailments such as blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes and so on. The second one is that you may want to present yourself with a well-toned and attractive physique because as a fat person, you may become a laughing stock in the eyes of others. There may be several other angles with which this can be viewed but let us limit our discussion with these two and focus on the real issue.

The real issue is that when you want to reduce your fat and have a great physique, you may commit a few mistakes. Though you are over-eager to achieve what you want, if these mistakes are committed, you may face a few unexpected complications instead of deriving benefits out of your efforts. Let us have a look.

- The first mistake you may commit is to starve or not supplying enough calories to your body. It is a known fact that your body needs calories for its normal functioning during the day. If you fail to supply them, you are likely to feel tired and drowsy throughout the day and so, your output in whatever you do will be below par. Further, by not eating enough, your aim of losing fat can not be achieved. The body metabolism is a strange phenomenon and you should obey its behavior. When you do not eat enough food, the body metabolism slowly gets adjusted to your new way of eating and will stop responding to your attempts to slim. Additionally, the body mechanism will think that there is a scarcity of food and will start storing calories whenever you eat. These calories are stored in the form of body fat only. So, instead of losing fat, you may end up gaining fat. So, it is foolish to commit the mistake of starving, skipping your meals including breakfast and not eating enough food.

If you want to see quick results, you must change your pattern of eating. You need not reduce your calories at all. Instead, you should split these calories into several smaller meals and eat them at intervals of every two hours. This way, you can improve your body metabolism and the entire calories of these smaller meals will be burned completely, thus helping you to get rid of your fat.

- You may be eating more of junk foods, oily and spicy foods and processed foods. While you are advised to stop eating processed foods completely, you can eat junk and oily and spicy foods once in a while as a part of your "cheat meals". Processed foods contain chemical preservatives that are highly harmful to your health and that is the reason you are advised to avoid them completely. You can eat more of fiber items like fresh fruits and vegetables, foods that are made of wholesome grains, beans and nuts. These foods not only give a feeling of fullness to you but will also not contribute to your fat gains. Your body will also get a good supply of vitamins and minerals if you eat more of these foods.

- You should never miss the step of drinking plenty of water daily. This is the most effective step to reduce fat. Firstly, if you do not drink a good amount of water, the toxins and free radicals that enter your system will continue to remain in the fat cells of your body, thus making the fat cells strong enough to resist your attempts to slim. But, by drinking sufficient water, you can flush out these toxins and free radicals from your system and this will help you to shed your excess fat. Secondly, if you do not drink sufficient water, whatever little water you drink will be stored by your body and hence, there will be a fat gain. You should make the body mechanism think that there is no need to store water for which, the only way is to drink a lot of water.

If you avoid these three major mistakes and do your exercises regularly, you are sure to shed your fat fast and you can even go to the next step of attempting to have six pack abs.


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