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Winter Blues

Updated on September 14, 2015

In winters, days get shorter and nights get longer. We don’t feel like doing any work and remain in bed all the time. We generally feel more lazy and depressed, get moody and sad. With the onset of winters, many people start getting depressed and get better with the start of spring. This seasonal symptom is termed as winter blues. So, it is necessary to take special care during winter’s time. We need to be aware of these problems and should follow some good habits to keep these winter problems away

Have Proper Diet

In winters, it is especially important to keep control on our diet as it has a great effect on our mood and energy. As we are not much active in winters, it can greatly affect our metabolism. So, it is necessary to avoid processed food like fatty junk food, sugar etc. because these food items lack essential nutrients and should include healthy food having carbohydrates like whole wheat bread, brown rice, green vegetables, fruits etc.

Be regular with your food intake. Eating with a proper a schedule helps to regulate your body clock. Consuming lots of water also helps in keeping a person fit.

Enjoy the sunlight

Due to lack of proper sunlight, many people suffer from winter blues. Sunlight is not only a good source of vitamin D but also have great effect on our mind and mood. Try to spend more time in sunlight.

Go for some winter activity

Accept the weather by taking part in winter’s games. Though, we avoid outdoor activities due to cold weather. Cover yourself properly with warm clothes and enjoy various sports and hobbies which are special to this weather. By taking part in various winter special activities like Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, photography, tracking, adventure sports you will start liking winters.


Exercising not only control weight but also keeps you fit and healthy. Exercising keeps a person fit physically and mentally also. It helps in removing stress. If it is done in proper way it brings more energy and keeps mind fresh.

Regular Health Checkup

In winters, generally blood pressure increases. So proper and regular health checkup is necessary.Also,as we stay at home with heaters on, we face a great temperature variation when we come out of the house.This temperature variation cause health problems. So, we should not keep house temperature high before we go out.


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    • jainswati profile image

      Swati Jain 2 years ago from Germany

      Thanks Stella :)

    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 2 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      Ni, I agree with you we need to eat right and get some sunshine. I unlike others love the winter but then I live in Florida and the winter is our best weather. I enjoyed your hub. Stella