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Avoiding Ankle Sprains

Updated on August 18, 2009

Ankle sprain is one of the most common of injuries in the world. Everybody gets ankle sprains.

To get an idea of how to prevent an ankle sprain, it is necessary to learn the causes of ankle sprains first.

Here are the top causes of ankle sprain.

Uneven Surface

Landing a foot on an uneven surface can easily twist your ankle causing the ligaments to stretch or even tear. The result is an ankle sprain. Be careful when you walk or run on uneven surface.

Forgetting to Warm Up

Before engaging in any strenous physical activity, it's always good to warm up. The same is true for ankle muscles and ligaments. They need warming up too. So if you're playing basketball or any sport that requires using the ankles often and intensively, don't forget to warm up.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

The proper footwear is also very important in preventing ankle sprains. Do not buy shoes just because they look good or the brand name is cool. Always check the part of the shoes called the "Heel Box". It's the back part of the shoes that encase the heels and provides protection to the ankles. Always check if the heel box is strong enough to protect your ankles.

Not Being in Shape

Exercise keeps the ligaments in your ankle strong and flexible. If you're out of shape, the ligaments tend to be easily stretched or torn. The muscles in your legs and feet as well as the tendons should also stay in shape to provide ample support their ankles.

Previous Injury

Sprain your ankle also increases the chance of injuring an ankle again in the future. If you sprain your ankle, take steps to strengthen the ankles to avoid recurrence of the injury.

You can be very very careful and still sprain your ankles. However, by strengthening and developing the flexibility of your ankles, you significantly reduce the chances of sprain your ankles.


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