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Avoiding Yellow Flies and Treating Their Painful Bites

Updated on June 11, 2015
Yellow Fly
Yellow Fly | Source

Yellow Flies (the Deer Fly)

Yellows flies (also known as the deer fly) can be very annoying. Not to mention, if bitten by one of these flies, you can have an allergic reaction. These bites can leave you itching like crazy!

Below you will find ways to avoid the yellow fly and how to treat their bites.

How to Avoid the Yellow Fly

Wear proper clothing!
If you are going to be in an area that is known to have yellow flies be sure to wear proper clothing. This will lessen your chances of getting bitten. Long sleeve shirts and or long pants can be helpful. Also, try to avoid wearing shoes that have your feet exposed. These flies tend to bite on areas of the skin that are exposed and not covered.

Avoid areas with a lot of water
Try to avoid lakes and ponds as the adult flies likely are found around these areas. Pool areas are also an attraction to these flies.

Use fly traps and repellents
Many people religiously use bug repellents for bugs like mosquitoes. For those who aren't bothered by these kinds of sprays, you may find that these too can be very effective in keeping yellow flies at bay. Some have even found that fly traps are useful in capturing these pesky flies.

How to Treat Yellow Fly Bites

People often have an allergic reaction from a yellow fly's bite. The area that has been bitten usually swells and itches profusely. This can be very irritating and can lead to more problems if by scratching you irritate the area even more.

To treat your bite, you first want to wash the infected area with soap and water. Then you can apply an antihistamine ointment. You can also try putting something cold over the area (like ice). If you have been bitten on your feet, you could try soaking your feet in cold water to relieve the itch.

Aloe Vera has long been used to help with a variety of skin conditions and irritations. Rubbing some on the infected area could help soothe the itching.

Tea Tree Oil may also help with taking the itch away and healing the infected area more quickly. Tea Tree Oil has a great effect on the skin. It is known for its antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antifungal uses.

Really, there is not much you can do to completely get rid of the yellow fly. Using some of the tips above can help you avoid them and lessen your chances of having to deal with an irate bite.

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