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Updated on February 5, 2013

It can be found in the wild especially in tropical countries. Banaba is a leaf-bearing medicinal plant grown as traditional medicine for the treatment of diabetes that has the ability to regulate blood sugar. All parts of the tree that has medicinal value were fresh leaves, dried leaves, flowers, ripe fruits, roots and barks. Take note that some of the modern medicines used today has extracts from botanical herbs.

People in the mountain or in the hinterland of the certain region were cured by using this botanical herbs because they were dedicated for the treatment of their diseases. Whereas, we relied mostly with modern medicines because it is easy to use without too much time during its  preparation. We liked to spend money for the purchase of modern medicine while in our surrounding this plants can serve as an alternative medicine reading for the picking.

Too much sodium can cause disease and increase blood pressure. Food we bought outside our home, in malls, supermarkets were laden with salt especially on a ready-to-eat foods displayed containing 85% sodium. Most botanical herbs will not be so effective to use if we have too much sodium in our blood. It hampers its absorption and block its curative properties.

Studies showed that there was no known toxic effect when used. We have different metabolism but if discomfort occurs then stop taking herbal tea. It may not be beneficial to you but good to the others. Drinking tea made of banaba will promote better health and longer life because it protects the body from harmful health condition. The alcohol extract of banaba leaves was used to fumigate in a form of spray to sanitize patient's room.

It curbs our appetite and cleanses the liver. It contains triterpenoid compound known as corosolic acid to fight obesity based on animal trial conducted to determine its beneficial properties. At present, banaba is a well-known ingredients in weight loss as nutritional supplement. It has the ability to impact blood glucose levels beneficial to bodybuilders and diabetics. Its brewing tea from the leaves is good to control elevated blood sugar.

It controls food craving for carbohydrates. It stimulates glucose transport into cells. It is used in the Philippines as treatment to urinary tract infection. It is now getting recognition of its herbal value. It is used as ornamental tree where its beautiful blue-violet flowers. It was used as landscapping and shade in public streets and in our own backyard. It was used as health drink in some country.

It became a natural insulin from plant. It helps to detoxify the body by protecting the liver. Seed extracts has an anti-bacterial function. The water extract has an anti-oxidant function. It has a significant protection that banaba showed to treat HIV-infected cells through its ellagic acid constituents. It contains high concentration of dietary fibers and minerals like zinc and magnesium.

It aids the better function of digestive system. With healing effect, it helps to ease urination. The roots can be used to ease stomach problems. The leaves used to heal diabetics and for weight loss. The leaves has high level of corosolic acid to lower blood sugar.  It is now used by some foreign pharmaceutical company to make a slimming tea. Drinking decoction of the leaves will normalize sugar level. Its fresh leaves can serve as emergency remedy for wounds and cuts by sanitizing the structure of the skin. It contains magnesium as energy booster. It facilitates good bowel movement. It has curative properties for the treatment of diarrhea.

In the Philippines, it is now commercially produced under prepared formulation in the form of tablet, capsules, extract, powder and tea displayed in drugstores and health stores. Research studies in some countries, examine and evaluate banaba for efficacy determination and the presence of other natural elements undiscovered for greater effectiveness.

Why not try it for your use? There's no harm in trying!


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    • profile image

      Ben Lopez 

      4 years ago

      how to prepare & take it? also, is it ok to drink it daily, before or after meal? B lopez

    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 

      6 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Dear cresastre,

      Thank you very much for the information on this plant. I only have the briefest information on the whole plant with little on its areas of application.

      It was very interesting to learn that it is now available in tablet etc. form and I will open my files on this again.

      Kind regards Peter


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