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Benefits Of Taking Adequate Quantity Of Food In Our Daily Life

Updated on October 22, 2012

Our food habit is playing a very important part to determine the body health. Many people in their daily life will not be able to control the quantity of food taken as they get addicted to the taste of their favorite food items.Taking adequate quantity of food will certainly help us to lead a healthy life by increasing the immunity power. We can be free from many common health problems like cold, being feverish and body pain. Adequate quantity of food means the correct quantity of food that is actually required by our body. That correct quantity may vary according to the body weight and age of every person. Let us see some benefits of taking adequate quantity of food.

1. Indigestion and gastric problem can be solved

Excess taking of protein rich food things like meat, chicken, egg, potato, soya beans and Bengal grams may result into severe digestive and gastric problem. Some people are mistakenly taking medicines to get rid of this problems. But, they will get only temporary relief from those problems. Those people should understand the fact that taking adequate quantity of food only will give permanent solution to the indigestion problem.

2. Feeling of taste and good involvement can be attained

When we follow correct quantity of food, we can get good feeling of taste and involvement while eating. We may often see that some people are not satisfied with their food habit and blaming about the quality of food preparation. This is certainly because of missing of the correct quantity of food in their life.

3. We can be free from insomnia.

Nowadays insomnia has become common among the people who have crossed 40 years of age indigestion and gastric problems could be only the reasons for insomnia. The habit of eating adequate quantity will be capable curing insomnia.

4. We can reduce our over body weight.

It is almost true that we every one wish to have a youthful and smart look. We can try our best by taking minimum quantity of food in our daily life. Belly is also a major problem to excess eaters. To get rid of belly we have to follow a correct quantity of food in our daily life.

5. Vitamins, minerals, snacks and health drinks can be easily assimilated.

By taking adequate quantity of food we can make a chance of having additional benefits of vitamins, minerals, snacks and health drinks which are being taken in our daily life. Many people are usually taking vitamin and mineral capsules after taking their food. Excess food in our stomach will destroy some of the vitamins like vitamin C and other minerals. When we take snacks in evenings the minimised taken food in our lunch will be helpful to get the more benefits of those protein and vitamin rich snacks and health drinks.

6. Very helpful to get rid of anaemia.

Anaemic condition can be easily solved by taking iron and protein rich food things rather than other food things. We can get very fast improvement by giving preference to those things by avoiding excess food.

7. This habit increases our memory power and enable us to be active.

Easily assimilated vitamins and minerals will be helpful to increase our memory power and the same will also help to be alert and active in our daily life. We can concentrate easily on our any work and studies. By the increase of our memory power we can schedule our daily life without any pending and delay.

8. Body pain will be avoided.

Body pain is becoming very common problem among many people even among youngsters also. When we take limited quantity of well planned nutritious food we can easily come out of this body pain problem. Moreover we can prevent some liver diseases and peptic ulcers.

9. Great improvement in psychological conditions and sexual activities.

We can see a tremendous change in our psychological conditions and sexual activities. Patience and kindness will be improved and it is true that these things will help to get godly feeling. The ultimate and ideal sex feeling can be gotten by this wonderful food habit. Apart from sex feeling we can also plunge into the incomparable godly feeling which would yield the pleasure many times greater than the ordinary sex feeling. By this kind of feeling we can feel our self a great change in our meditation which may show a different spiritual experience.

10. Fruits can be easily assimilated in our body.

Some people may be allergic to fruits. They can find a certain improvement when they take fruits after learning to cntrol the quantity of food. The vitamins found in the fruits are easily digested by the presence of less quantity food in our stomach. Fruits like banana, orange, grapes and apple are showing very nice result with the combination of this good habit.

11. Spiritual body and physical body are equally benefited.

According to spiritual science food things are the things which are required by our physical body. The excess in-taking of food things will only increase the size of the body. But, when we find out a correct way of taking food both spirit and our body will be equally nourished and the same will keep our good health.


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  • ASFA123 profile image

    ASFA123 8 years ago

    nice hub

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 10 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear Neet, I put the word LESS to avoid get cheated by our mind. When we think about the adequate quantity of food our mind is ready to work against us to take more and more food. On the interest of good health youngsters can reduce food atleast for two days of a week. Ours today's control will be helpful to our future health. Thanks a lot for expressing your opinions.

  • ratnaveera profile image

    ratnaveera 10 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear sir, I am also very proud of receiving first comment as yours. Happy to know the peculiar way of diet control in Australia. I think that the people there have understood well about our mind which command us to eat more and more. We badly need this kind of plate system to curb our mind.

  • bhalla_neet profile image

    Ravneet 10 years ago from Delhi

    Excellant advice through this hub to keep urself fit n going. But it is quite difficult to follow such a strict line of abdication of ur favorite foods. You see, in today's world, people love to eat, drink and enjoy.

    Especially in my country, INDIA, people love to eat and drink fatty foods, no matter what

    impact it has on their health. THERE IS ONE FEELING THAT LETS EAT NOW, MAKE MERRY

    AND THEN LEAVE THE REST TO YOGA. This is what we live on. SACRIFICING UR FOOD HABITS NEEDS ur inner self to assist u.Else the tempting and luring foods won't let u abstain from eating.CHEERS!

  • MrMarmalade profile image

    MrMarmalade 10 years ago from Sydney

    This is an excellent hub thank you for giving it to me read.

    I am proud to be the first one to read it.

    Please keep it going.In Australia

    there is a new diet.

    "Called the plate circumference"

    Here most dinner plates have say a 15cm to 2 cm around the circumference. Instead of loading your plate to overflow you take it only to the beginning of the inside edge.

    They inform you this subconsciously helps you to reduce your food intake and there fore reduce your weight.