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Back Issues

Updated on October 27, 2016

How to deal with Back issues.

Most of the time ways to find back issues starts with an back x-ray. Most of the time, the first thing you notice is stiffness or pain. In my experience, I had pain in the back that would come and go all my life. Then I had a job that required that I stand for hours. That is when my life changed for the rest of my life.

First I scheduled an appointment with my family doctor. She did an examination to see how far I could bend each way. When she told me my mobility was about 45 degrees in any direction. I had to immediately make changes. We then scheduled an Orthopedic doctor appointment. That was interesting. I will advise you to make your Orthopedic doctor a good one. Examined my bendability again and then he ordered an MRI to check for anything that the x-ray didn't show. Well when the results came back I was glad to know why I was in pain all the time. I now knew why my neck felt like a golf tee trying to balance a bowling bowl.

Well the orthopedic doctor told me ever so nicely everything he found in the MRI and told me there was nothing that surgery could help and walked out of the room. He didn't tell me anything to take for pain, just what not to take. I had been on Vicodin for pain but was told to stop taking that because it wouldn't help with the pain. So here I am with no information on what to take for pain. I had been told by Social Security when I applied for disability that I didn't qualify because it was just a inconvenience.

I started to research what if anything I could do for this pain naturally. Well there wasn't a lot of useful information. I found that the arthritis pain could be made worse by so many foods that I thought I would starve to death. Foods that could increase the pain from inflammation were nightshade foods, certain allergic foods, and all the fun. I love pasta, and suddenly it was on the no eat foods. No bread, no tomatoes, no potatoes, no eggplant to name just a few foods. I could take turmeric for the pain. There is a group of 7 foods you are not to eat. I had to change my diet completely.

The site that was the most helpful was WebMD. There was information on taking NSAID's. That helped a little. I was told to get a new orthopedic doctor to deal with the scoliosis and my other back issues and go to a rheumatologist to deal with the arthritis. Haven't made it to the rheumatologist yet because that costs money and I don't have insurance.

I find that the anxiety drug I take will help with some of the pain in my neck. Researched some of the medications and the side effects are just awful.


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