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Back Pain - How to take care of your back #2 - Physiotherapy Treatment

Updated on October 26, 2014
Back Pain - Home remedies
Back Pain - Home remedies


Thanks you for your support with my first article on Back Pain. As you might have guessed from the title, this is the second part of a two-part series of articles which deals with how trivial changes in routine activities and slight alterations of postures can help to reduce or prevent Back pains.

In the previous part on Back Pain, I discussed how to properly sit and stand, without straining your back. If you have missed that article, please click here.

This article will focus on how to lift heavy objects and on the proper way to sleep, to reduce back pain.

Lifting with one hand

Improper Lifting -  1. Object away from body, knee straight; 2. Knee Straight, back bent; 3. Knee Stright, bending and twisting
Improper Lifting - 1. Object away from body, knee straight; 2. Knee Straight, back bent; 3. Knee Stright, bending and twisting
Proper Lifting - Back Straight, Knee bent, object close to the body, opposite hand on bent knee
Proper Lifting - Back Straight, Knee bent, object close to the body, opposite hand on bent knee

Lifting with both hands

Improper Lifting - Object away for the body, Knee straight
Improper Lifting - Object away for the body, Knee straight
Proper Lifting - Object close to the body, knees bent
Proper Lifting - Object close to the body, knees bent

Lifting an object

Improper lifting of heavy objects can not only increase the back pain or precipitate an attack in a know patient, but also may be the initial cause of back pain. This explains the importance of this section.

Never try to lift an object which is too heavy.Assess whether the object can be lifted up by one,two or three men.Stand before the object with feet apart to have a wide base

support.Distribute body weight evenly over both feet.Now assume a squatting or half kneeling position maintaining a straight back.Grasp the object with both hands and pull it towards yourself so that it comes within your centre of gravity.Now lift the object holding it close to your body by straightening the legs.Now maintain a straight back.Never lift an object from the floor by bending the spine.For un lifting to floor,slowly come to the squatting position with the object close to your body and then leave it on the floor.

For lifting an object from the table,stand close to the edge of the table with the

legs apart facing the object.Slide the object towards oneself,bend knees, grasp the object and then lift it.

When you want to carry an object,hold the object close to the body and then move about.

Whenever you lift or carry an object avoid twisting.If the object is held away from the body it hurts the back. After lifting if returned to the erect position carelessly,it also hurts the back.

Instead of taking the whole weight on one shoulder, it is advisable to distribute the weight equally on both shoulders using shoulder strap,so that the weight may be transmitted downwards centrally.

Always push instead of pull.

Face the object and push.Start with one foot in front of the other.Distribute the weight evenly on both feet.Push comes from legs and arms with the back kept straight.Don’t lean on to the object.

Face the object and pull.Never pull with the back to the object.Start with one foot behind the other. Distribute the weight evenly on both feet.Use both legs and arms to pull with the back kept straight.


Even when you're in deep sleep giving some rest to your mind, your back might not be feeling the same unless you keep these points in mind.

While sleeping always use a bed which is sufficiently firm to support the spine.Avoid a bed which is too hard or too soft.Avoid old mattresses which have uneven surface due to long usage.

Side lying with the hands and legs partially flexed just like a fetus in the uterus is the most appropriate position for sleeping.This is the most relaxed position for sleeping.While lying supine,keep a small pillow under the knees so that the low back rests on the bed. Try to avoid pillows for the head.In unavoidable circumstances small thin pillow may be used.The pillow may be used in such a way that the shoulders also rest on it along with the head.For sleeping prone position is not advisable.But if a person prefers it,a small pillow may be placed under the hip joints.While side lying a small pillow may be placed under the head so that the head may be kept in the relaxed positon.In this position a small pillow may be kept below the upper leg which is kept in a flexed position.

Care should be taken while getting in and out of bed. If a person wants to lie,sit on the edge of the bed.Now let the head and trunk down to the bed with the help of the hands.Bring the legs onto the bed.Now rollon to back with knees flexed.If a person wants to get up

Back Pain - Home Remedies - How to sleep
Back Pain - Home Remedies - How to sleep


So these were some tips on how to prevent or reduce back pain with some trivial changes in how you lift and sleep. To see tips on how stand and sit, click here.

I hope this article was useful for you all. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below or contact me on:




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