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Bacteria types and resistance

Updated on March 17, 2010
This wound started as a burning sensation on the skin, within 2 days it had developed to an open purulent wound. Luckily this woman came to the ER as she had high fever and was feeling sick, she mentioned the burning sensation and treatment was start
This wound started as a burning sensation on the skin, within 2 days it had developed to an open purulent wound. Luckily this woman came to the ER as she had high fever and was feeling sick, she mentioned the burning sensation and treatment was start


Streptococci are gram positive spherical bacteria that grow in chains.

As they grow they secrete toxins and enzymes

Some of these damage red blood cells, how much damage is linked up to

which strain .

These are classified into :

Alpha  α- haemolytic

Beta β –hemolytic

Gamma γ – haemolytic

The most concerning category is the β – haemolytic.

Strep germs are further differentiated into groups A through to O. This

differentiation is based on the nature of certain chemicals attached to

their cell wall.

 Again the most concerning group is A.

On summary the most fearful group is therefore :

Β – Hemolytic group A Streptococcus. ( Often called A strep for short )

There are actually more than 80 different strains of group A strep.

This group is responsible for more diseases than any other.

 Everything from sore throats, skin rashes , skin lesions ( impetigo ) to

More serious : Strep throat , scarlet fever, childbed fever and rheumatic fever.

All group A strep infections are sensitive to antibiotics. They have not

 developed resistance to penicillin like many other infections have. There

is no sign yet of them becoming resistant. They have , however, shown resistance

 to the next drug of choice streptomycin ( Not good news for people with 

penicillin allergy )

A newer drug has been shown to be exceptionally effective against strep A.

Clindamycin. This effect is best when the treatment has been delayed.

No resistance has yet been shown to clindamycin.A few strains , however,

have been shown to be so powerful and aggressive producing powerful toxins

 and enzymes, so much so that they kill their host before the antibiotic has

a chance to work.

These extremely aggressive type are known as collectively:

Invasive group A Strep ( IGAS ) and include those who attack human flesh.

I will write more about flesh eating bacteria and symptoms. Like many other illnesses knowledge saves lives and limbs.


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    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 

      8 years ago

      Thank you for notifying more people about the dangers of strep infections and the rapidity in which they manifest. Take a look at Homeopathic Remedies that Target Symptoms of MRSA Staph Infections, which I wrote earlier this year on Hubpages. There are methods to combat these bacteria. Plus, we should not overuse antibiotics and antibiotic soaps.


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