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Bad Breath Causes and Treatment

Updated on October 21, 2015

Have you spoken to someone with bad breath? It is not a wonderful experience I am sure. Not everyone can tolerate the noxious fumes that seem to emanate from the mouths of other people. But the reality is clear, some people have awful breaths. Whether it is a problem with health and hygiene or just bad luck smiling down on you, halitosis is a smelly truth we have to endure. Let’s explore what causes them and how you can prevent it from happening to you. Believe me, it is quite embarrassing.

Causes of bad Breath

That awful smell coming from your mouth is called bad breath. Technically it is called halitosis. And surprisingly, it is not just about the stinky food you ate or the lack of oral hygiene. There are many causes of bad breath. Some are easy to address while some are trickier.

how you can prevent it from happening to you. Believe me, it is quite embarrassing.

Bad Breath can really stink
Bad Breath can really stink | Source

Food causes halitosis

It is easy to point the blame at food for your stinky breath Well, often this is the case Many foods like spices leave a lasting odor in our mouth In fact, they can last for hours especially if you do not brush garlic, onions, chili, cheese, fish and even alcoholic beverages can leave your breath with an unpleasant smell. In addition, some foods create smelly gases when digested. And these odors can be exhaled so if you have an important date or meeting; it would be a good idea to choose your food wisely

Smoking makes your breath stink

Another common cause of bad breath is smoking I know there are menthol-flavored cigarettes but they do little to mask the smoky-stinky smell Plus, the menthol taste is for the one smoking and not to mask the odor That said, smoking not just increases your risk for cancer but it also makes your breath foul. OK, the comparison between cancer and bad breath seems lame but the point is, you bother people around with your bad breath and that is long before you get cancer

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Medications can cause bad breath too

There are medications that contribute to smelly breath. For one, some medicines really smell bad. But on a more technical level, some medications can cause the mouth to dry up. When saliva production goes down, the mouth gets dry. Our mouths need moisture so that food particles and whatever is stuck in the mouth’s nooks and crannies can be dislodged. Medicines like antihistamines, diuretics can cause this dryness and thus cause halitosis. Of course the effects of these medications in terms of dry mouth vary from one person to another. So don’t deny yourself this meds just to prevent bad breath.

Mouth sores and infections

Mouth sores and infections can cause bad breath. In fact, sores deeper in the oral cavity can also contribute to foul odors. Addressing the cause of the infection early on can help deal with the infection and sores as well as reduce bad breath. Of course the longer the sores and infections in your mouth will increase your risk of halitosis.

Morning breath

Oh yes, this one is something most of us experiences. You wake up and then yawn then suddenly you get startled with a stench. Before you look for a dead cat around your room, you might want to consider the smell is coming from your mouth. During the night, our saliva production drops. Just imagine if it keeps on producing saliva, you’ll probably end up with a very wet pillow or you choke on your own saliva. Good thing is, at night while you sleep, saliva production almost stops. The problem with this is that bacterial growth increase because of this. So when you wake up in the morning with this nauseating smell in your mouth, it is the bacteria saying “good morning sunshine”.

How to treat and prevent bad breath

As we have discovered, bad breath is not just about brushing. Although that is a good start it is essential to understand that bad breath treatment depends on the underlying cause. So, it is important to know why you have a bad breath. From there, you can easily take the necessary actions to treat your stinky breath. Here are some options you may want or need to take in order to treat your bad breath.

Brush your teeth

This may sound too simple. But believe me brushing can help prevent a community of nasty germs taking residence in your mouth. Since we are already talking about brushing, why not put it up a notch and go all out on oral hygiene. Brush or scrape your tongue. You have no idea how many germs are taking refuge in your tongue. Also, you should floss regularly so that you can get into those hard to reach places between your teeth.

Take care of mouth sores and infections

More than just treating bad breath, addressing your mouth sores and infections is a good course of action. Depending on the nature of the infection you may want to take the right medicines. Of course you must consult a professional so you won’t mess up our chances of treating the sores and infections.

Stop smoking or chewing tobacco

If your bad breath is due to tobacco it is probably a good idea to stop this habit. I know it may not be easy to quit. But it is a good idea to try.

Brushing helps fight bad breath
Brushing helps fight bad breath | Source

Hydrate often

Preventing the growth of bacteria and other nasty organisms in your mouth can be done by drinking a lot of fluids. This helps wash out food particles in your mouth. Plus this helps replace the fluids in your mouth that has been wallowing doing nothing asides from nurturing bacteria. Some in fact recommend lemon water to fight bad breath and add some vitamins in your body.

Visit the dentist regularly

Oral hygiene includes making an appointment with your dentist. Regular checkups can determine your oral health. Moreover, you can help prevent any oral problems before they become difficult to manage.

Consult a doctor

If the underlying cause of your bad breath is some medical condition then you should consult the right doctor. Some bad breath can be traced back to gastro-intestinal problems. Some medications may be prescribed to deal with the underlying medical condition. Likewise, experts may require you to take a specific diet. What is important is that you talk to the right expert so you can address the root of the problem.

Although bad breath is common it does not mean you should not do anything about it. More than an annoyance, there could be a deeper problem behind the foul odor. Taking care of you requires taking every part of yourself. Your mouth deserves ample attention.


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