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Bad Breath Sinus and How to Get Rid of it

Updated on January 30, 2015

What is Sinus Bad Breath?

Ha-choo! You don’t feel like things can get any worse. Your head hurts, your sinuses are clogged, and you're exhausted. But you still force yourself to head into work. You are not greeted with gratitude and sympathy, however: your officemates back off when you open your mouth. You've learned the hard way that being sick can cause bad breath.

Bad breath is not necessarily a result of eating something smelly or poor oral hygiene. Your sinus can cause bad breath too. When your sinuses, or the spaces between the bones of your face, are clogged with mucous, your breath will give off a bad odor. This may worsen as the mucus drips on the back of your throat and tongue, a condition which is also known as post nasal drip.

Four Steps to No Sinus Bad Breath

There are easy ways to get rid of your bad breath. Follow any or all of the following tips to get rid of and prevent this condition:

  1. Sinus Irrigation Clear your sinuses by filling them with water and then draining it out. One method is to use a neti pot. These ceramic pots have a long spout that fits into one nostril. Fill the pot with lukewarm water (add a bit of salt to clean the sinus), insert the neti pot spout into a nostril, and tilt your head to allow the water to flow in one side and then out the other. This will remove mucous, pollen, and molds. Not only will your nose be less congested afterwards, but will also be preventing a sinus infection. If you already have a sinus infection, it will be easier to drain your sinus once your congestion has cleared.Keep in mind that there is more than one type of sinus irrigation available for your use. Ask your doctor which method they recommend.
  2. Cure Your Colds or Sinusitis What do colds, allergies, and sinusitis have in common? Aside from stuffing up your nose and limiting your ability to breathe, they can also cause bad breath. Take a decongestant to treat your colds or allergies. This will help get rid congestion and bad breath. For sinusitis, especially if you already have post-nasal drip and bad breath, take an antihistamine or use a nasal spray to relieve the congestion.
  3. Stay Away from Smoke Do you have neighbors who are always having a barbecue party? Do you smoke? These exposures to smoke may be irritating your sinus and leading to bad breath. Stay away from smoky places for a while. And get rid of those cigarettes—you’ll feel better in no time.
  4. Say Goodbye to Chocolate, Bread and Beer It is with great sadness and deep regret that I must tell you that these delicious foods are not only bad for your health because they are too fatty, but they can cause bad breath as well. Eliminating these foods from your diet, along with coffee and dairy products, can help alleviate your Bad Breath situation immediately.

Better Safe Than Sorry

If you’re sick for more than a week, or you have had regular check-ups, make an appointment. Check-ups will help your doctor monitor your health and can help you to prevent sinus problems. The best thing to do after reading this article is to phone your doctor and book your next appointment.

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