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Bad day in a good life.

Updated on April 11, 2011

You wanna hear about a bad day? I was riding my moped to work today and I had a new jacket on. My MP3 player was in the jacket pocket. I was riding along listening to music when suddenly it felt like someone was trying to pull my earplugs out. The MP3 player had fallen out of my jacket pocket and was hanging down held only by the headphone plug. I took my left hand off the handlebars to grab it and put it back in my pocket. I was doing about 45 and right then a car breaks out of nowhere in front of me to turn. Without thinking I hit the break with only one hand on the handlebars. Not smart! The next thing I know I was skidding along Harry on my side watching my moped skid a few feet in front of me! Ouch!! My arm is all scratched up really bad and my leg is sorely bruised. It hurts to walk. My brand new moped has a few scars on it's side now too. :-( But both me and the moped are okay.

It doesn't end there. Just before the wreck I noticed I was riding on E. I was only 2 blocks from work and there is a QT next door so I was gonna stop there first and fill it up. After the wreck I got up brushed myself off and went to work. It sucked working in pain but I got bills time to man up. Anyway I got off work and started to ride home when I started slowing way down. That's when I remembered the gas! I was only a few blocks from the next QT so I was praying it would make it there. It didn't :-( I was only 4 blocks from the QT and walking a moped that far is nothing. That is unless you were just in a wreck a few hours earlier and your right hip is still sore as can be and it hurts to walk without walking a moped. It was a long painful four blocks. But I got there got the gas and went home.

So my day sucked. LOL But I'm alive, I'm healthy (sort of still sore though) I've got a lot of good people in my life and most important of all I'm clean! :-) It was a bad day in whats becoming a good life. I love my new life!!! :-)


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    • profile image

      Tara M 6 years ago

      What a great story Jack! Just proves if you can make it through a horrible day like that you can conquer any day!