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Balancing the Present with Plans for the Future

Updated on July 15, 2013

Past, Present, and Future

The 'past' is a term used to refer to the totality of events which occurred before a given point of time. The past is contrasted with and defined by present and future decisions. Time is accessed through memory and recollection, which is based on experiences. The past is often noted through writings, artifacts, and even documents that are being founded during this present time. Humans have recorded the past since the beginning of written language and communication.

The 'present' is a term for the time of 'now' and is composed of the events happening directly for the first time, not as a memory or a recollection. This range of time can vary from a single instant to a day, like current daily life.

The 'future' is a term used for the indefinite time period immediately following the 'present', which has not yet occurred. The future is a time that can not be avoided due to the existence of time, and is also inevitable due to the law of physics. Things that currently exist during present time will be classified as either permanent or temporary in the future, meaning that those things will come to an end or they will not.

What Those Times Mean

The past is history that can not be erased or changed, although many people wish it were different. The present, along with the future, are unknown as times to come with some form of an outcome. When combined, this is known as life and these times will happen for eternity. Every person has a past, a present, and a future. The time of the past, the present, and the future is overwhelming for many people to think about all at once, but there is a better way to look at it all. It is just a certain time of life that happens, and since time is not permanent, time will change. This hub will explain in further detail balancing these particular times for success and for happiness.

The Present and Plans for the Future

The present time is difficult for many people right now, financially and even mentally. The present time has changed very much from historical time, when the world operated much differently. The future involves accomplishing many goals and plans for many people, which is difficult to provide for during these present days. Future plans may include a new home, or maybe a new vehicle, but does not seem possible because of unemployment rates or even the job markets.

There are ways to accomplish goals and plans that are set for the future, which does include hard work and devotion. The present times will change, and the future will be the present so there needs to be a balance put into place to be assured that plans for the future become a reality. This hub will explain some great and helpful ways to balance the present demands with plans for the future.

First, start by relaxing at least once per day.

Stress, anxiety, and worrying are not healthy for any person, especially after long periods of time which may lead to depression and/or other serious health risks. It is necessary for a person to try relaxing at least one time per day, physically and mentally. Having a relaxed body and mind encourages better decision making for the future. A relaxed person tends to think more clearly, while maintaining better judgement, than a person who is stressed out, uptight, and worried. Relaxing, especially after a hard work all day, will also be beneficial to a person's mood which encourages other people. Relaxing at least once per day is healthy but will also ensure future success.

Second, a healthy diet combined with plenty of water and exercise is always required daily.

This fact is necessary for health, but is also the foundation for life and for the future. When a person has a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet with exercise, future times and plans are accomplished at a much higher rate because there is less hindrance and less distractions. This also encourages heart health and even mental health because the body is not lacking any necessary nutrients, vitamins, and or minerals. Having a healthy present time is always best for the future time and for accomplishing future plans. Without a healthy diet mixed with plenty of water and exercise, there may not be a future, or future plans at all.

Third, only two words = self motivation

One of the best ways to balance the present with future plans is by self motivation. This is the act of motivating one's self for success and accomplishments throughout life. This is a guaranteed way to ensure that future plans are accomplished. Not relying on other people for motivation and encouragement is also great for increased self confidence and self esteem, as well as gaining independence. Just as adults use motivation for children, the same tactics and methods can also be applied to adults.

First, set an outcome or solution that is to be accomplished in the future. Next, set a date as the deadline for the future outcome to be met. The use certain rewards and incentives act as encouragement along the path to success until outcome or solution has been reached.

  • Use rewards and incentives during the present for accomplishing even more goals in the future.

    The use of rewards and incentives is beneficial because it is some thing to look forward to, besides the goal being met in the future. Rewards and incentives like money, gifts, and even certain benefits are always appealing to the mind and to the brain, which always increases hard work and diligence. The rewards and incentives to be used should generally include some thing small, since the future goal is usually some thing larger. Children and adults alike enjoy this method of self motivation because it can be seen and touched, while the future goal remains unseen until accomplished.

Next, a balanced life means a more fulfilling and satisfying present with increased future success.

Every person should always have an equal balance within their life, for all aspects. There are many different responsibilities and obligations that each person maintains daily, and some times certain parts may begin to take over a person's life. This can cause a person to feel like they are drowning or loosing control of their life. When a person has balanced with every thing that is going on during their every day present life, there is fulfillment from getting every thing a person needs and there is also satisfaction from the true feeling of contentment and happiness.

Finally, live in the present but also create memories for a past and happiness for a future.

Many people get way to wrapped up in life that they forget to live it. Providing income and paying bills are important to life and to living, but so is happiness. It's like the saying 'take the time to stop and smell the roses' because the roses don't always last forever when forgotten about. The past effects the present and the future and life exists will all three parts. Don't forget what's important and maintain balance for a life that is satisfying, content, and happy.

The Past, Present, and Future

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    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for this. I believe life demands balance whether we like it or not (action -reaction)