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How To Choose A Workout or Fitness Regimen

Updated on August 31, 2012

Basic Simple Tips When Choosing a Workout

There are 1001 ways to work out and there are lots of many workout plan that is just waiting for you. The hardest thing of course is to choose one which best suit your endurance and strength, your style of work out plus how do you like to work out. Ever since science determines the importance of workout for overall fitness, for general health and personal physical welfare sake, there are lots of many workout plans that emerge in the market. Choosing which one is best for you is hard, I say hard because of the many plans to choose from. Every person is different so to speak and they have lots of schedules to follow. Some people has different behavioral problems and some workout is advantageous to them, while others-- certain workout choice work for them in the best way.

"Basic Simple Tips When Choosing a Workout" is the topic of this hub and I hope at the end of the hub you will know what are the necessary things to know when choosing a workout.

cardio exercise
cardio exercise

Basic Simple Tips When Choosing a Workout

Three basic things you should consider:

  1. Choose a workout based on your endurance and strength -- choosing one which is dependent on your strength and endurance is very important as you don’t like to choose a workout plan that is not suited for you, you are just wasting your time if this is the case. You know your strength so you are the best judge to know which workout will best work for you
  2. Your style of workout -- style of workout means do you do it everyday, every other day, are you always out in the house or out for business trip, Do you combine food dieting with fitness?
  3. How do you like to work out --- which one do you like, abs, muscle-- legs thighs, for endurance and strength etc. Where do you want to work out, buy equipment, or enroll in fitness center, decide first.


Basic Simple Tips When Choosing a Workout

Different form of exercise, -
Different form of exercise, -

Basic Simple Tips When Choosing a Workout

All in all, if you cant really decide for yourself, be educated abut your options if not consult a health trainer that will help you. Perhaps you can find a fitness center near your area or you can buy your own equipment.

Tips to begin with when choosing workout:

1. Choose whether you will focus on strength or for cardio purposes:

  • Strength training ---- is the use of resistance to muscular contraction to build your strength, size of muscles, anaerobic endurance. The most common method training for this is the use of gravity or elastic/hydraulic forces to oppose muscle contraction ion. The terms "strength training" and "resistance training" are often used interchangeably.
  • Cardio workouts -- are simply work outs that help and regulate your heart and respiratory organs of the body. Walking, swimming, bicycling, skiing, running, walking, climbing are some of the examples of cardio workouts.

Generally people who want to lose weight will concentrate on cardio work outs against strength training

2. Choose the best workout style for you -- some people like dancing as a form of exercise, and the reason is that they don’t like to be bored, they like to listen to dance music while following the rhythm of it. Some popular cardio workout with dances are “Turbo Jam, Core Rhythms, Hip Hop Abs, or Yoga Booty Ballet, Tae Bo or slim in 6” -- which allows you to be on the mood for dancing as the music will prep you up to go with the beat.

  • As for the strength workout -- there is not much choice other than the Pilates, tone muscles workouts. Also available are muscle building workouts and some routine weights for the overall toning of your body.
  • There are also workout that is best fitted for your own schedule if you want to enroll in a fitness center.
  • Some workouts are recommended for females and males as well, but this really depends on your objectives -- flattening of your tummy or abs exercise, muscle toning or for cardio purposes.



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