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Basic steps to get pregnant

Updated on May 12, 2011

Womanhood gets consummated when a woman gets pregnant and gives birth to a child. The pleasure they derive out of this is inexplicable. If they fail in their efforts to get pregnant, women become sad and feel helpless. But they should understand that there are certain natural steps they should follow and these steps will enhance their chances of getting pregnant.

It is a known fact that your menstrual cycle plays a major role in determining your chances of conceiving. Your menstrual cycle determines your ovulation. Hence if you time your intercourse with your partner properly based on the time of your ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant increase.

Worrying about not getting pregnant will be disastrous. It strains you mentally and this will affect your partner's performance also. Such a worry causes stress and intercourse during such stressful periods will be futile. Further, there are some good positions which can be learned and practiced which will increase your interests in having intercourse with your partner and this will increase your chances of bearing a child.

Your diet is also crucial. Your intake of healthy, nutritious and balanced food will tune your body remarkably and being healthy and strong, your dreams of getting pregnant will fructify easily.

You should be strong not only physically but mentally also. Positive thinking is the key to happiness in life. If you have a negative approach, your mind will be a fertile ground for worries and this is not going to help you in any way for getting pregnant. Hence you should always adopt a positive approach to life and situations.

Last but not the least, you should consult your Doctor at the appropriate time. Your Doctor will suggest to you good and healthy diet, the best period for intercourse for bearing a child, etc. Good Doctors tend to give you not only good prescriptions but also reassuring words. The simplest advice to you is you should stay positive and live a right life, keeping in mind all the above suggestions.

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