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Be Courageous and Consistent to Lose Weight

Updated on February 6, 2019

Do You Have a Weight Loss Dream?

It is very helpful to have a weight loss dream. This can be very inspiring and help you get to the motivation you need. The dream can be as marvelous and inspiring as you would like. This will cause you to feel great excitement. Excitement is a tremendous fuel to motivation.

Break the dream down into sub-goals. Small goals that are systematically arranged are easier to achieve than one large weight loss goal. As you reach each goal, you will feel excitement to reach the next. As you carry on in an orderly fashion, you will feel and become more and more successful. Success also spurs dieters on to continue with their efforts.

How Many Mini-Goals Are Needed to Achieve Success?

Only you can know how many sub-goals you need. This is because motivation is a very personal thing. It should not be a prohibitively high number or you will get overwhelmed. Likewise, it should not be too low a number or the goals will take too long to reach. Exercise discretion and know yourself when setting up the sub-goals.

When setting up the mini-goals, do nor forget to reward yourself. Rewards are intrinsic to motivation. Perhaps your weight loss would be a reward unto itself because it would feel so good to be healthier. If not, then you should provide yourself with external motivators like new clothes or special outings.

Rewards Are Motivators

New, healthier behavior like eating well should be rewarded. If you have a weight loss dream, then break that goal down into sub-goals so as to stay at peak interest and not become overwhelmed and scared.

It is worthwhile to explore the topic of fears and weight loss. What is holding you back? Many of us are focused on our fears. In the weight loss arena. this would mean that we are focused on the fact that we are overweight and the fear of remaining that way. Let's turn our attention to the positive now. You can be trim and athletic like others.

Use Your Imagination for Weight Loss Success

How do you wish to look? How do you want to feel? It is very likely that you want more energy. Losing weight and exercising regularly is a great way to achieve this. It will be important to control your focus.

No one can overcome a problem is their focus is divided. That is why it is essential to crystalize your focus onto one goal: weight loss. Do not allow yourself to become distracted from your workout regimen and eating plan. Simply direct all your actions to your weight loss goal and take deliberate action steps consistently.

Deliberate Action Steps Lead to Success.

Write down on a paper all the things you will do. Maybe you need to buy some books or DVDs. Maybe you would like to check out some weight loss books from the library. Or you may need to set up a consistent habit of waking up early and getting yourself to that early morning workout class.

Be honest with yourself about the results you are getting. Perhaps not all your efforts paid off. In fact, you may have binged or done some emotional eating on certain days. Be sure you are honest about what is going on. That way you can avoid such pitfalls in the future, and remember to keep visualizing success.

In fact, visualize a great success. Keep your mind fixed upon your own goal. Plan out what steps will lead to a great physical body and take those steps now. Some things will not have worked, but that is fine. Simply face it, make some changes and move on. As long as you are taking action in the moment of now, without procrastination, eventual success is likely.

There is no reason to wait to begin a new endeavor. If you want to lose weight, then start today. No matter what is going on in your life, there is definitely some action that you can take toward your goal, so take that one action and follow through.

Every Day Brings New Opportunities.

No day has to be like the one before it. With a new day, there are new chances to live in a healthful manner. New choices can be made about foods. Proper exercise choices can be made too, but be sure to start right away.

Right now is always the best time to begin. Perhaps you feel that you are not ready, and that is natural. There are, no doubt, certain items to be purchased or certain books to read. Not everything can be done right now. But you can make a beginning now and everything else can follow from that.

Small actions can carry you far. If you take small, concerted steps on the way to your weight loss goals, you can get very far. This must be a consistent effort, though. Many people don't care to do small actions, because they seem so insignificant. The truth is, though that the small things become big things over time.

Do not put off your weight problems until later. The bad news is, things can get worse if they are not addressed. The problem will get harder and more complex to solve. Do not let this happen. Tackle the problem now because hard though it is to face, it will be worse later.

Do not waste time distracting yourself. What do you do all day? Check yourself by time. Are you really taking actions every day toward your goals? Are you in the kitchen all day eating? Or are you exercising and making wholesome food choices?

Are You Working Hard or Smart?

Ideally, of course you would be working both hard and smart as the most effective way to propel yourself toward your goal. Work hard toward weight loss in the sense that you devote mental and physical energy to your goal. Work smart in the sense that you select the right workout and diet plan in the first place after conducting proper research on the topic.

Where is your mental energy or another way of asking this is how is your "head game?" What goes on in your head matters. Of course, it can be difficult to be positive all the time. Perhaps you feel that nothing you have done has ever worked. Have you actually failed or do you just feel that you will? Fear can stop us from doing things and even trying. Even if you have failed before, it does not matter. The past is over. Surely you have succeeded at some things in your past.

Make a list of your successes. You may have some achievements in your past. Make a list of those times in your life when you have been wildly successful. Hold that list in your hand and look it over. How did it feel? Get back to that feeling and being that successful person.

Know Your Primary Obstacles to Success

It can be helpful to know what stops us from achieving our goals. You should know your primary obstacles to weight loss. Maybe you always go to vending machines and buy snacks. Or maybe fast food is your pitfall. Whatever your pitfalls are, know them so you can avoid them.

One great strategy for success is to learn other people's success stories. Success stories can be very motivating. No matter how hard you may feel that weight loss is, someone else out there has had an even harder time. Therefore, take heart. If they can do it, then so can you.

Venus Williams once said that she focuses on her goals and tries to ignore the rest. Like Ms. Williams, we must learn to focus upon fitness if we want to achieve our goals. We too can be champions in life and apply those winning principles to the weight loss program.

Is Weight Loss Easy or Hard?

Is weight loss easy for you or difficult?

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