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Be Slim And Have A Great Health

Updated on June 25, 2010

Losing fat and looking slim should be our top priority because a large belly fat may cause ailments of serious nature. There are a few methods with which this can be achieved.

Sensible eating is the only way tolose the fat around your belly. Your food should consist of nutritious diet only and not junk foods or processed foods. Junk foods add to your fat and processed foods add toxins to your system because they contain several chemical preservatives. These chemical preservatives can not be easily processed and flushed out of your system. They remain inside the fat cells and you become fat due to them. So, you should refrain from eating junk foods and processed foods.

Instead, your diet should consist of good carbohydrates, good fats and fiber foods. Good carbohydrates can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. You get fiber content also from them. You get bad carbohydrates from ice creams, cakes, pastries, sweets and bottled and sugary drinks. You should shun these foods and drinks. Good fats are got from foods that are made using fish oil, sun flower oil or olive oil. You get bad fats from fried items, spicy foods and junk foods.

Fiber foods such as wholesome grains, fruits and vegetables are very good for your health. They supply enormous amount of vitamins and minerals to your body. They also fill your stomach fast without adding to your fat. So, your food should consist of more of these fiber foods.

You should also split your total calorie intake into six or seven small meals and eat them at intervals of every two hours. By doing so, all the calories of these small meals will be burned and you will not gain in fat. But if you eat large meals, some calories of these large meals will remain unburned and so they will accumulate as fat on your body.

Water is another great gift of God by drinking which you derive immense benefits. By drinking plenty of water, you can remove the unwanted toxins from your body. Your belly fat can easily be reduced if you remove these toxins. Water hydrates your body well and fills your stomach more quickly. So, by drinking a good amount of water, you can reduce your intake of food so that losing fat becomes easy.

Along with the above steps, if you have a judicious exercises regimen, losing fat becomes an easy proposition. You can consult an expert and design a good exercises regimen that suits your physical condition. If good abs exercises also form part of this exercises regimen, you can also get a great six pack absand have great looks.


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