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Be The Driver Of Your Mind's Car

Updated on June 28, 2020
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I am myself a physiotherapist who believes in holistic healthcare with physical and mental healing

It is said that a human mind thinks of around 70,000 thoughts in 24 hours. Out of these some thoughts are useful and healthy whereas some are not. Those who are physically busy tend to have lesser amount of unhealthy and useless thoughts. But this may not always be truthful. And the unique aspect is, around 90% of thoughts are inculcated by others. Those thoughts are not our own creations. So how do we control our mind and drive it towards a resourceful purpose? Let us know more about the same.

The Feed For Your Mind

The way our body needs a healthy appetite and a good sleep to work and stay fit, similarly our mind tends to have thoughts dude to everything what we feed inside it. Therefore it is important to feed our mind right. We love to eat junk food but eating such food in excess amount reduces our immunity and hence it is not healthy for our body. Something similar goes with our mind as well. If we feed our mind with good books, listen to some great audios and podcasts, our thoughts will be healthy and resourceful.

Our belief system highly depends on our mindset and our mindset depends on what we feed within

Awareness of Thoughts

Being aware of your thoughts is the most important step towards controlling your mind. When you are aware of the kind of thoughts that you more commonly come across, it becomes easy to modify your thinking. Awareness of thoughts helps to get rid of the unnecessary thoughts which are distractive. Gaining this awareness requires practice. We always hear from people that they are unable to control their thoughts. This is because they are not aware about what they think. Methods like meditation, relaxation and concentration exercises help you gain awareness towards your thoughts.

Your Actions

Thoughts provoke your action. Hence, watch your actions! This becomes easier when you are already aware about your thoughts. You plan something but end up doing something else which you should not. This happens because your distracting thoughts tend to provoke unimportant actions. When your thoughts are right, your actions are bound to be correct! A good knowledge about how to act in certain situation, is decided by the thoughts in your mind.

Someone's actions can speak a lot about the person they are from within

Your Environment

Your environment plays a major role in shaping your thoughts. Dark room, reduced light always gives a sense of gloomy thoughts. On the other hand bright light and most importantly natural and fresh air makes you feel good. When your thoughts are disturbing, move from one room to another or simply move from one corner to another. Change in place helps changing your thoughts.

Medium to Let Your Thoughts Flow

The better your are able to put you thoughts up, the easier it is to become more aware of the same and vice versa. The more you are aware, the simpler it is to express them. There are different medium to let your thoughts flow and express them. Some of the best way are:

  • Write in a diary or journal of your daily thoughts.
  • Talk to your close person.
  • Watch a good video or a movie related to the disturbing thought.
  • Accept the thoughts rather than resisting them.
  • Read

What do you feel you need to work on?

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These are some very simple steps you can practice to control your mind and drive your mind's car the way you want to. Once you start realizing the wonderful magic of how our mind works, there is nothing better than it! Always remember that your thoughts are the paths towards knowing your mind in a deeper way.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Natasha Tungare


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