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Be The Man

Updated on October 22, 2009
Free yourself to breathe fully
Free yourself to breathe fully

Mannequin Meditation

(mannequin ORIGIN 1902, "model to display clothes," from French mannequin, from Dutch manneken 1570, "jointed figure used by artists," from Dutch manneken, literally "little man," diminutive of man).

Letting go the fight to hold together the shape within which you have molded yourself, imagine this form exploding into a confetti of particles settling on the water, washed away to be digested into fertile ground, adding to wisdom, coming from compassion, built in experience of limitation, now free.

Free now to move fluidly, unencumbered by the bonds of expectation, heart open, uncovered, buried treasure aglow with life force shining out it’s blessings upon all who will have it. Sensitive to true character moving freely, inspiring awe. Excited by challenge, your now fluid structure dances with tingling in your blood. Feeling your choice now, having been emancipated - no longer a slave to fashioned images of outmoded understandings. Free to direct your intent in inspired ways, for the good of all. 

Dissolved in the delicious relaxation of constriction. Instinctively invoking aid in your creation. Accompanied by an entourage of support, feeding your capacity to create anew. Engaging the best without regret; allowing your band of loyalty to serve in full capacity, lustily animating your full force, honored to have been commanded by your passion - for freedom, to be.

And you recall with appreciation the strength it took for the little man of old to hold together what has now come apart, broken down, into floating debris, washed away on a river of tears, carried to the salt-same ocean purifying the scatter of imprisonment.

The Great One now freed, eating at the table of certainty. Drinking in the air of resolve, flushing the indigestible food of forms ill-fitting.

Honoring the sacred journey of the youth, mentored into manhood, reborn into a new capacity - a living tribute to the Source of all that is good.


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