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Be Unstoppable : Develop Your Self-Confidence

Updated on January 1, 2018
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Writing is my passion. I believe in the power of positive thoughts and love to watch movies.

What is Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence is the ladder that is required for an individual to embark on any task and complete it successfully. It’s the positive belief that lies in one’s heart that he/she has the necessary skills to accomplish a job successfully. It is the trust that lies in one’s own ability to achieve a goal. However, self-confidence should not be misunderstood with arrogance. While the previous is a positive attribute, the latter is a negative one.


The Traits of Confident People

Whether a person has self-confidence or not can be determined from his actions. The way the person behaves when he is with others, his ability to work on a task single-handedly, his attitude towards mistakes are some factors which can help in judging whether or not the person is confident. For example, if a person is easily dissuaded from his vision through mockery or other people’s judgement, it can very well be ascertained that the person lacks self-confidence. On the contrary, if a person is confident, he will not be deviated from his path even though others are trying to dissuade him. Confident people are willing to take risks, it is their fearless demeanour which helps them reach great heights and achieve unparalleled success. They are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones.

Receiving and giving compliments is an art and confident people are the master of this art. They do not shy away from the limelight. They accept compliments as well as criticism with the same vigour. It’s the ability to accept the truth that takes them forward. Also, they are not jealous of others who outshine them.


What makes it Inevitable?

Self-confidence is an integral part of life. Without it, it is impossible to take on any task and accomplish it successfully. Hence, it is crucial to develop confidence on oneself.

Why people lose self-confidence/have lose self-esteem?

Many factors affect the self confidence in people. During growing years, the attitude of parents towards children determines how they see themselves. If children are continuously encouraged in spite of failures, they will be willing to take on their failures until they succeed. However, if they are rebuked and demotivated because of their failures, it makes them withdraw into their cocoon and shy away from attempting in the first place. Self-esteem is also a trait that is closely associated with the building of self-confidence. Although these two are closely associated, they are not the same. One person may be a confident cook but he may have very low self-esteem. Similarly, a person might have high self-esteem, but might not be confident in a particular arena.

Believe That You CAN


Ways by Which One Can Boost Self-Confidence?

  • Parents should always encourage their kids even if they fail. Failure should never be rebuked and it is not advisable to draw comparisons. Children have a very delicate mind. Whatever impressions they have in their early stages of life, lasts with them for a lifetime.
  • Even if you are not confident about something, keep on trying.
  • Boost your self-confidence by having a positive mind-set and mixing with like-minded people.
  • Read positive self-help books.
  • Set achievable goals. Setting impossible targets is never going to do any good. Start small and gradually grow.
  • Always be ready to accept criticism with the same grace as you receive compliments.
  • Listen to others. You never know what others have to offer.
  • Learn to accept your mistakes.
  • And when nothing helps, and you are feeling low, talk to a friend or family member. It not only relieves the tension, but also restores the faith in oneself.


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