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In the midst of trouble or a crisis...THINK!

Updated on March 1, 2018

Is your "Thinking cap" on?

"Hold up, Wait a Minute!" Don't just throw the towel in or dismiss my discussion topic so easily. Hear me out. ; ) Thank you,

We are living life. Aaah! The ups and downs with the waves and it's current's. We have life events that begin to affect us on day one. Yes! At birth, in which case for me was: If I had been in my mother's womb just one more waking second, I would've been DOA (Dead on Arrival) at birth. Hmph! One of the best things in life is not being able to remember the moments of ones birth. Here's my bullet points:

  • Life: We have many things that we go through. Starting at Preschool and throughout the 12th grade we toggle along through the childlike personalities, adolescent smarty or potty mouth stage and on to the youthful maturing stage. Well, some of us at least. When many things happen for us, why is it that we tend to look to someone else to pick up the pieces or take the first step? It is far beneficial for us to take a deep breath, take a step back and rethink what it is that we want to say or do.
  • How to: It is easier with practice to think in the midst of trouble or a crisis. As the gold-rule states, "Practice Makes Perfect!" One must take the time to apply the thinking process, even if it is for two seconds! Because that two seconds could be your lifesaver. From what? From you going to jail or doing something you'd regret! And living a regretful life is a consequence I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy.
  • Home: Our home lives are filled with stress. Some are filled with trouble (Dear Jesus). It is here that we begin to learn how to use our thinking first, then it is at our church or preschool where we are exposed to other people and situations. We all need to think about encouraging children and teens to "Think" and bring in the warmth by mentioning that when we take just a second, it's worth a lot!
  • Work: When we go to work, some of us go in withour antenna's up, I'm one of them. But, I've met and know many others who don't function that way, they need an hour or so in order to perk up. This is a sure way to have one's "Thinking Cap" on. Hello? Remember that? I bet you heard either your parent or teacher say it to ya'! Well, when we get to work we should be thinking on key soon as we walk through the door(s)! I don't know what job/career you are in and that has nothing to do with the meaning behind what my topic is about. So, in any job/career, all it takes is a minute or nano second for something to break-off and it could be a matter of you shining like a star withyour response, getting that raise you were asking for or attaining that promotion to the Executive dept., instead of a your co-worker nemesis getting the glory. Seriously, you may have had someone you worked with that was so competitive, it didn't matter that you didn't engage in the grind as they did and soon as something breaks-off, they jump! To take care of it. Hmph! Don't let 'em, be ready to "Think" quickly.
  • School: Yea! It's time to go to school. And yes, I have made up my own celebratory songs for returning to school. It's exhilarating! Now when you go to school it's a no-brain-er for me but, not for everyone so, let me share it here to help those who have no clue. When attending "Grown-up School"=College, make sure you are prepared to be a Full-On-Listener. Let me share a story: there was a student that I had a couple of classes with. This student seemed to oblivious to not only the school rules, standards and common-sense when it came to how the student carried on during the class sessions. What ended up happening is that the school ended up taking a stand, versus the other option: suffer a lawsuit. (And maybe more than that!). Then there are student's who clearly have their own agenda when attending college classes and makes it harder on the entire student population due to increased pressure with extensive rules and regulation changes. If we are in school, we should be "Thinking" about our attitude and actions all the time. There should not be a problem withus not being able to complete our degree course/goals, playing around with our education is not a wise thing by any means and the rising cost in fees, as well as the rising of unemployment and the lack of jobs need to be an incredible amount of incentive to not put ourselves into this type of Trouble. Why would one want to? There's enough trouble that gets in our way, don't add more to it. Okay?

Thank you for taking the time to read my new hub and I hope you get something hopeful or enlightening from it. Please share it with your friends and family! We all need encouragement.

Respectfully w/Blessings,


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  • Sapphireid profile image

    Anna Taylor 6 years ago from San Diego, CA

    Good afternoon Tobusiness,

    Thank you for reading my Hub and for posting a comment and voting up! It really helps me to understand my reach as a writer.

    Best regards w/Blessings,


  • tobusiness profile image

    Jo Alexis-Hagues 6 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

    My antenna only goes up after my first cup of tea. Good positive hub. Voting up