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Be with like minded people, so it doesn't stop your growth and you will succeed in life.

Updated on August 7, 2014

Grow with thinkers.

Keep learning.

In my own personal experiences I do know that I have to be around people who are "thinkers".

It doesn't matter to me if people that know more than me because that will give me an advantage

in life to keep growing and learning with my mind.

It took me awhile to learn, but slowly recently in the last couple of years I been finding people

who are "thinkers" and great people in their own right.

Also in my own personal life, physical fitness is important to me.

I think people that are better influences to me are people who do in fact workout and

take better care of themselves physically in which it does help with basically stimulating

your mind to think.

When there are certain things I want to learn about, I keep trying to learn about

those things as much as I possibly that I can.

Now in my life, when asking questions it is nice to ask them because I actually

get answers without strange look upon people's faces.

The weird strange thing for me, well it might not be too strange, but

it does seem like most of the people that do influence me in my life

are indeed "men".

Yes can you believe that? I am a woman and it does seem like

that, but I got to admit, slowly I am finding women that are indeed

very intelligent.

So in my search in my life, I learned that while searching for answers

for things in my life, in the last couple of years I have found very

like minded people like myself.

I don't need a whole entourage people in my circle, but the ones

that do intend to want to see me succeed in my own way.

Sometimes when people aren't like minded it can cloud your

way of thinking because if you want to become successful

in your own way, or have your own business with what

society does is try to "knock you down" when your trying

to build yourself up.

So it is really better to keep people around you who

are like minded and once again it doesn't have to

be tons of people in your circle because it indeed

will cause less drama and those people will one

way or the other, keep pushing you to be the

best you can be.

By the way, never let society try to tell you

what you should or shouldn't do in life and

try to push you in a box.

What you make of your life, depends upon you.

If others are unhappy with your life and what

your doing, never worry about it.

Only keep those in your circle that want to see you


Sometimes even in your circle people may not

always understand what you do, but if they

are pushing you towards your goals, your desires, and

your dreams than that is what a good solid circle is.

Myself, today I am quite happy more than years ago.

I know I have the freedom to pick and choose who

stays in my life.

So I keep on going and keep attracting people who are

positive, upbeat people who are more on

building people up and I like that.

If you can keep trying to find people that

build you up.

Believe me, once you do that you life will start

to become so much better and remember

you don't need tons of people who are

close to you in life, just the ones that

help to lift you higher.


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