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Beat the Heat This Summer the Rustic Way

Updated on December 23, 2015

Summer’s started and the mercury is slowly but steadily rising towards the 100 marker. As days pass, it may even cross that mark leading to sun strokes and people dying because of the heat. Not everyone can afford to have an air conditioner, and with so much of power cuts having one may actually be of no use.

If we go into the Indian villages that face most of the wrath of the sun during summer, we can note numerous practices they follow to keep the body cool during summer.

  • Earthen pots are used to store water. The water from this pot is very tasty and really cool.
  • During summers, a drink is made from buttermilk (watered curd). Plenty of water is added to curd to make it very watery. To this chopped shallots, curry leaves, and coriander are added. All these ingredients are “coolants” that reduce the heat in the body.
  • Jaggery (cane sugar) is dissolved in water and some elachi is added for taste. This drink also cools your system.

Their techniques of keeping cool doesn't involve reducing the temperature of the home they stay in, but in making the body cool from inside so that it is able to withstand the rising temperature. Personally, I think these time-proven methods are healthier than sitting in an A.C room or having carbonated drinks.

Of all the rustic practices, I can’t decide which I would love to do more – jump into a deliciously cool well for a swim when the sun is at its peak or take a nap under those neem trees.


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