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Beating up the doctor very likely

Updated on April 26, 2015

The stereotype is that doctors on the whole, and I repeat whole, have a very cushy life. Ok, so at first they are roughed up, thrown at the deep end with work, being on duty for extraordinary number of hours and hardly having any sleep at all.

But in the end, their fruits of hard labor is borne out. Thousands and thousands of dollars, large homes, nice car, best holidays and the works. In practice only most of this is true.

Yet in certain places around the world the picture is not rosy. Some doctors can be subjected to the most demeaning of humiliations just because they fail to give the right diagnosis or ultimately a critical patient dies on the hospital bed.

More and more doctors are being beaten up by the families of patients than ever before directly as a result of this. Something goes wrong with the patient, beat the doctor, the patient dies on the operation table, its beat the doctor time, if he fails to recover the patient, its again beat the doctor.

Today stories are endless, I bet more and more doctors in certain parts of the world are saying to themselves, "oh why did I get myself into such a profession."

But the doctor is not God. He is after all human being, really one of us, you and me. He follows rules and procedure, medical fixtures, if they don't work, it shouldn't be let us beat the doctor, he is not to blame.

Unfortunately this view is not accepted as more and more families of patients in public sector hospitals revert to such uncouth practice: Beat the doctor and get away with it!

You hear of so many incidents in the news you think the medical profession is in the doldrums facing a crisis despite the fact more and more people go to hospitals and positive results and achievements are being gained by the day.

Such incidents, anger and frustrations on the part of families who end up bashing doctors, are forcing members of the medical profession to think twice about hiring body guards to be protected from the possible wrath of families of patients lest something goes wrong.

While it is wrong to talk about generalizations, such practice is loathsome. After all, doctors are there to heal patients and to make them better. If one or two incidents happen, it can be argued they are isolated. If a number happens in as many months, then it becomes of worrying concern.

The problem becomes more alarming not only because the trend is up mostly in public hospitals, and the beatings become so sever with whole members of families joining in the punching.

In recent incidents, doctors have had to undergo surgeries because of what can only be called as hooliganism against them. It's like the doctor immediately taking the place of the patient which a minute ago he operated on.

Let's be patient, look at our patience, and say it's not really the doctors fault they died or can't be cured. This is unless there is clear and transparent evidence of a major cock up. Then you can go after him!


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    • marwan asmar profile image

      Marwan Asmar 6 years ago from Amman, Jordan

      tarajeyaram, thanks for the comment, it seems this is an article we should built on, because its becoming an every day occurance especially in our part of the world.

    • tarajeyaram profile image

      tarajeyaram 6 years ago from Wonderland

      So very true. Doctors are not Gods. Great topic. Doctors should try their very best to help patients. Doctors should make decisions for the best interest of patients. However if all fails - it is not the doctors fault.