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Developing the Mindset for Everyday Change

Updated on November 25, 2017
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Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.

Paving the way for future generations is one of the most heroic feats of a lifetime. Over centuries and decades, pioneers have made our lives better with their belief in making the impossible possible. Such pioneers as Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Grand Bell invented game-changing technology that is constantly improved upon from generation to generation. Without the influence of these great inventors, without their dynamic thoughts and ideas, the world would still be dwelling in the dark ages. The works of these great men changed the course of history forever. Because of their passion to serve the needs of mankind, their legacy will endure forever.

The world is in need of everyday pioneers(change makers) who are eager to transform the problems of life into grand opportunities and set a new course for mankind. The problems in education, business, healthcare and other fields are calling on great thinkers and risk-takers to produce breakthroughs. When people search deeply into their souls for that spectacular pioneering spirit that desires to make a difference in the community, the country or the world, they will find a place of compassion, a place where God resides.


Four Mindsets of an Everyday Pioneer

Passion for Making Life Convenient for others

Communities are in need for people with passion to make life better for others. Take a look at our communities, towns and cities and you will find multiple issues, ranging from drug and gangs to illiteracy and poverty. But the everyday pioneers have an overwhelming desire to find solutions for these problems. Everyday pioneers don’t wait for others to take the initiative. They know that if it is to be it is up to them to pave the way toward a new reality. In what condition would the world be if it were not for those who find true meaning in helping others experience greater degrees of happiness?


An audacity for creating a new reality

Pioneers are dissatisfied with the status quo. They know that life can be many times better than it is now. Everyday pioneers are masters of using their imagination to visualize new and more effective ways of living and performing in life. A life of sameness is a non-progressive life. It is a life that has given up on dreams and the newness of life. People who have given up on life often find themselves in a depressed mode, wondering why they are still here. However, everyday pioneers know that they were put here for a very special reason: to help advance the betterment of mankind.

Everyday pioneers are not afraid of newness. They accept change as a normal part of a growing and progressive world. Criticism and ridicule don’t deter them from reaching for the impossible outcome. All great pioneers have this attitude. For example, if Benjamin Franklin had listened to his critics, we would have possibly never known about electricity.

Rating Your Willingness to become a Pioneer?

Do You Think Your Community Need an Everyday Pioneer? Would You be Willing to be that Pioneer?

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Unafraid of Negative Consequences

Failure is not an issue with everyday pioneers. In fact, visionaries accept failure as the doorway to obtaining excellence. Failure must occur again and again before mastery is reached in any vision worth pursuing. We develop under pressure if we rise up and overcome it. Inventors who made the greatest impact upon mankind failed many times before they transformed their vision to reality. Abraham Lincoln, the 14 president of the United States, overcome many obstacles before becoming one of the greatest presidents the nation has ever had. In addition, Harriet Tube went through many trials and tribulations before successfully fulfilling her dream as a liberator of slaves. She wasn’t afraid of the threat of being caught and killed for the cause of freedom.

Desire to leave a legacy.

Everyday pioneers desire to be remembered for serving mankind. The thoughts of the everyday pioneer are always inclined toward a new awakening for mankind. Sacrificing their time, energy and prosperity for others is the true meaning of existence. Life is more than having a strong family, a great career, a beautiful house and a great looking automobile. Legacies are not the result of possessing material

things. Greatness occurs as a result of having a heart for the interests of those in our communities, cities, states as well as the nations of the world. When we live to serve others we leave behind a pattern of great things to be remembered.

Getting started in the Pioneer Spirit

One can become an everyday pioneer by studying the lives of those who have made a difference in the past and whose work still impacts the lives of millions today. Whatever you desire to do for people, read books and watch video tapes of those who performed similar activities that have benefited mankind. If you are interested in helping the homeless, study those great spirits (Mother Teresa) who surrendered their lives for the sake of nourishing the poor and needy in society.

As an everyday pioneer, if you desire to enhance the status of women in society, research and study some of the pioneering women who made it possible for women to enjoy more freedom today. If you are interesting in promoting a new way of thinking, study the lives of those who have introduced new concepts in the world.

Everyday Pioneer Qualities

The Qualities of an Every Day Pioneer includes:

  • Courage
  • Passion
  • Willingness
  • Vision Beyond the Self

Mindsets and Tools of an Everyday Pioneer


In addition to studying the legacy of great pioneers, why not observe the pioneers of today. There may be pioneers in your neighborhood, community, city or state. Watch how they introduce their ideas and implement them in society. You can also arrange an interview with them and get some great suggestions for starting your own movement. When you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, you must be humble enough to seek help from those who are already blazing a trail.

Society is in need of not only great pioneers, but also everyday pioneers who have an idea that can benefit those around them. Those who walk in the pioneer spirit are always looking for ways to fill in the gaps, contribute and improve the human condition. Without visionaries who are willing to go where no one else has gone before, the world will remain in a stage of stagnation. That is the reason God created the everyday pioneer. The human condition cannot stay the same. Mankind was created to grow and expand with dynamic ideas that will lift mankind to heights of wisdom, power and constant readiness to take the initiative.


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      3 years ago

      This has made my day. I wish all pontgsis were this good.


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